Nothing Better Than a Swim Thong

Nothing Better Than a Swim Thong

One of the most enjoyable sensations during the summer months is to be able to walk around the house completely naked. The warm weather provides the opportunity to enjoy nudity without worrying about being cold.  A warm breeze through an open window feels amazing on exposed skin.

What’s better than walking around naked? Swimming naked!

Most of us have skinny dipped at least once in our lives. There really is no sensation like being completely nude and feeling the water course over your entire body.  The problem is that, swimming nude is frowned upon in most communities. I’m here to tell you about the next best thing, wearing a thong while swimming!



I personally hate the trend in men’s swimwear/shorts that make for big baggy “shorts” that in some cases come to mid calf. (See last week's blog to read about my new affinity for shorts). Once you get a  baggy swimsuit like that wet, it’s like being wrapped up in a wet towel. Not exactly the most comfortable or sexy feeling.

I bought my first swim thong years ago from right here at BodyAware! I knew I couldn’t go skinny dipping, but figured if the ladies could wear a thong then so could I! My pool back then was in my backyard in a fairly congested neighborhood. My yard was far from private so I couldn’t swim nude, but I could wear a thong. My first lap in the pool in my new swimwear was amazing! As close to being nude as I could get!  I loved the feel of the cool water on my exposed buns! If the neighbors were watching, they never mentioned my choice of swimwear. I would swim, tan and just enjoy the pool wearing as little as possible. My partner loved my choice of swimwear and they would tell me how much they enjoyed the view!



So this summer why not try something new? The George Swim Thong has full brief style coverage in the front but leaves your back side completely exposed.  Wear it at home or at the beach and feel sexier in your swimwear than you ever have before!

Right now as I write this it’s 100 degrees out and I’m sliding into my thong suit to enjoy my pool!

Have a great week and try and stay cool!


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Wow. It’s really dumb how our society wastes more energy on making up and setting standards on what is, and isn’t appropriate, then on more important issues. If I could, I’d love to live in a clothing-optional community, where the most important thing was…be yourself. Forget All the friggin hangups, and exercise your individuality. I enjoy wearing thongs, bikinis, but prefer to be nude outside. Nothing better than doing work outdoors, and having the sun…just toast you all over. I like going to the beaches, setting up my towels, and then proceed to get myself comfortable. I’m usually wearing something skimpy, and just block out the rest of the world. This is Living!!. You have to go4it!!


I’m 56 happily MARRIED and STRAIGHT! Started to wear swimming thongs in our hot tub. Best swimwear ever. I want to hit the public NJ beaches this summer in my most comfy thong swimwear. Would this be an issue?


I appreciate all those men who are helping to make it more normal and acceptable for men to wear thongs in public. I have been wearing one at the beach for about a year now. People are mostly friendly to me, and don’t really seem to mind it. Women have so much more freedom, at least in this regard. It feels great to wear a thong on a sunny day. Don’t be afraid, help to make it more normal for others.


I’ve always loved wearing bikini swimwear! I grew up in the 80’s when they were completely accepted! I’m almost 50 and still love wearing them.

For a few years I swam laps in the morning when it was adults only and no one seemed to mind me wearing Speedo’s. They are incredibly comfortable and just feel good! I absolutely cannot stand wearing trunks. I feel like I’m wearing a bed sheet in the water, and then when I get out, it just sticks to your skin and is so freakin irritating.

I can’t completely enjoy swimming and playing in the water if I’m wearing anything more than racing swim briefs. At home I love to wear the skimpiest little thong or G-string I have in the privacy of my back yard to lay out in where only my wife can see me! (And sometimes au natural)! The only swimsuit I like better than a thong is a cheeky bikini! I like how it sits on your cheeks a little lower than a thong, it feels nice. It feels sexy.

If so many women hate us men wearing Speedo’s, they should be made to wear trunks for a while and see how they like it! Also, if men always wore Speedo’s and never wore trunks, it would be perfectly normal to everyone everywhere. There wouldn’t be any debate or problems with us smart guys wearing our comfy Speedo’s! Keep rockin’ the Speedo!


Less is more. I converted from bikinis to thongs years ago. Though – like many have noted in this blog – not all American beaches are accepting. I usually wear some cargo shorts over my thong or g-string. If the vibe is good, the thong is on. You have to be confident and respectful ( regardless of what you wear), but I love the freedom. Lap swimming is amazing and – most of all – the tan lines are always fun.


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