Lawn Mowing + Shorts = Bliss

Lawn Mowing + Shorts = Bliss

Summer is finally here and even though it’s just arriving, we’ve already had some very hot days.  It always works out that the one day I have time to cut my grass is always the hottest day of the week.

I wear jeans all year round and have for years. I thought I had scrawny legs and was afraid to show them off in shorts. But like I’ve said in my past posts, now that I’m getting older I don’t really care what other people think. I want to feel sexy AND be comfortable.  Off to the local box store for shorts! 



Once I got to the men’s department I started looking for shorts. What I found was ridiculous. Mens shorts that came to mid calf or mid thigh. These are not shorts! I thought shorts were supposed to be light and airy and keep you cool! Not to mention SHORT!!! These were not going to work.

I should have known better.  I should have gone to BodyAware first.  Under the "sportswear" drop down you will find shorts.  I wanted something comfortable, that would keep me cool no matter what I was doing.  I chose the Booty2 Shorts.  They are nice and soft so they feel great while being worn.  They are truly SHORT and show just a bit of my rear.



They came in and about a week after they arrived it was lawn mower time again. Wearing my new shorts and a t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off I headed out to cut the lawn. It was almost 90 degrees with a slight breeze. Oh my GOSH!!! I was so much more comfortable. My new shorts kept me nice and cool while I did one of my least favorite chores. Not to mention making me feel sexy while I worked. For the first time I was actually disappointed when the mowing was done. I was enjoying the light airy feeling of having shorts on!  I rested in my hammock for a while and then headed inside for my now regular weight lifting regiment. They are perfect for working out in too! They are not restrictive and don’t bunch up while exercising!



I can’t believe it took me so long to try shorts. I will never wear long pants while doing the lawn again! I’ll also give up my sweatpants while working out.  Cool, comfortable and SHORT!! I love my Booty2 Shorts. Now I’ve got to log back onto the site and order a few more pairs.

Have a great week and stay cool my friends!!!!!


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mmmm you look great in the those shorts especially the purple ones. The bulge looks great!


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