Many guys don't realize just how comfortable thongs can be until they've tried one. At Body Aware, we offer a great selection of high-quality, designer thongs that will change the way you think about thongs. Even
Rare Earth Thong £20.00
The Greek God Thong £21.00
Cupping Pouch Thong £22.00
The Perfect Lace Thong £20.00

Essential Ribbed Thong £19.00
The Riveting RipStop Thong £20.00
The Satin Mini Thong £20.00
Solar Flare Thong £20.00

Smooth BA Sport Belt £22.00
The Sleek Satin Thong £22.00
Strut Your Stuff Thong £20.00
Mini Sparkler G £21.00

The Skye Thong £21.00
Cinco String £18.00
The Cherry Blossom Thong £21.00
YogaAware Bodysuit £37.00

The Neoprene Bulge Thong £37.00
The Ripstop Frilly Thong £20.00
Satin Corkscrew Thong £22.00
The Floral Mesh Thong £21.00

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