How I Got Into Thongs

How I Got Into Thongs

I think I bought my first thong about 15 years ago.  I am not sure what prompted me to get it in the first place, but I would say this first thong did not do too much for me.  I found it tight and restrictive. Regardless, something about it stuck with me. Maybe it felt transgressive, or somehow linked to something sexy, a feeling or look I wanted for myself.  Even after this first disappointment, I continued to buy thongs from time to time over the next few years, usually at discount clothing stores. For those first attempts at wearing thongs, the feeling stayed the same; I wanted to like them more than I did.

And then I discovered the developing industry of men’s underwear online.  These first thongs I purchased were made by very mainstream underwear producers, and were probably made to respond to an emerging trend or to see if they could fish out some new customers.  Regardless, I understand now that they were not made with quality fabrics or with any sensitivity as to how thongs should be shaped, cut, and designed. Once I found some good thongs online, I finally understood what I was looking for in this first attempt.

A good thong should fit snugly, but not be at all binding or restrictive.  They should be made with high-quality fabrics that hold their shape after multiple uses and washings.  And they should be cut and shaped to fit a man’s body. There is also really no denying that recent developments in the fabric industry have brought great new things to underwear.  I think good fabric for thongs is essential – I like them snug but not at all restrictive, with a smooth and sexy fit, but still with a bit of breathability to keep things feeling fresh and clean.

Once I found good thongs, tepidly they became part of my rotation.  I might wear a thong once every 6-8 weeks, and most days I probably wouldn’t even wear them all day.  I think much of this was mental, and it took me some time to overcome the inherent stigma many attach to men in thongs.  But the industry kept growing, thongs kept getting better and better, and I finally understood that wearing them was important self-expression for me.

Today thongs make up about half my underwear draw.  I don’t wear them every day, but I do every week. And I have come to appreciate them for a variety of uses and activities.  The right thong is perfect for yoga, and I love to wear them while sleeping. Both my partner and I find them super sexy, so they are great for date night!

If you’ve never tried a thong, I would love to encourage you to try them out!  They make me feel confident, sexy, and playful. Most of all, with the right fit and fabric, they can be extremely comfortable.  If you are new to wearing thongs, I might suggest you start out with one of my favorites, the Sleek Satin Thong.  And if you are interested in one a little more bold or daring, I am so happy Body Aware brought back the Invisible Shaper Thong – this one is super sexy and minimal, and gives a great lift to your goodies!  I for one am happy to see how pervasive thong underwear for men has become, and hope more and more of us can be bold and confident enough to wear them proudly!

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I’m 62 and love wearing sex underwear daily I wear most days a G-String but have a whole range of sexy wear would have a hundred item loved the feel of being completely shaved and the feel of them wrapping around me and the feel through my bum. Why men have to feel wrong about wearing it’s a nice feel so why not.


I first started wearing men’s thongs in my 20s and I would buy various kinds from different websites. I liked how they looked on me but a lot of times they were uncomfortable and weren’t practical to wear. No matter how uncomfortable they got, they were always a staple in my drawers and I never completely gave up on them. I eventually somehow found Bodyaware in 2013 and I bought some Gossamer Strings and some Invisible Strut Thongs (now called Invisible Shaper Thongs) and my mind was blown! These thongs were so soft and sensual feeling, comfortable, and I felt very sexy in them. At last I’d found a men’s thong that I could wear on a daily basis and not get irritated. That day changed my life. I’m still a big fan of Bodyaware today, and also I wear a thong everyday. Work, gym, lounge, sleep, and everything in between. I wouldn’t wanna wear anything else to be honest. I feel free and liberated and I love the fact it’s a very unique way of representing myself and my body. Give thongs a chance men. You can start with Bodyaware and you really can’t go wrong. You’ll be glad you did!


I liked wearing bikini underwear when I was younger teenager around 15. My mom never said anything to me when she washed clothes. So when xmas came around I had a present sitting in my room with a note saying to try them on. Was a pack of Joe Boxer bikini briefs and a pack of thongs. It kind of embarrassed me but I didn’t shy away from wearing them. I only wore the thongs on weekends. But the bikinis were everyday wear. During high school, I wore thongs to school during my junior and senior years because I didn’t have gym. I wear thongs occasionally now. Back to wearing bikini briefs.


I started wearing thongs when I was 13. I would always see my mom wearing one, and was curious. From 13-16 I wore my moms thongs all the time. Then once I could drive I ended up buying my own. Now I’m 39 and still wear them 90% of the time.


I am a 62 year old grandfather! I work out 4 times a week and have a big package! I started wearing G-strings and thongs about 5 years ago! It was at this time I started to groom my pubic area! I love the feel of a thong or G String! When I am with a partner it excites me to have them stare! I feel that wearing them gives you confidence that shows! I recommend you try!


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