Ready to hit the gym? Show up in a stylish look with the sportswear collection by Body Aware.
These impressive pieces are sure to help you stand out when you're feeling the burn.
The Booty2 Short £24.00
The Skye Tank Top £30.00
Metallic Track Shorts £30.00
The Sports Mesh Tank £23.00

The Gameday Legging £50.00
Simply Stripes Bodysuit £34.00
Satin Gameday Leggings £40.00
The Neat Mesh Singlet £24.00

Camo Neoprene Bulge Brief £39.00
BodyAware Union Suit £43.00
The Alley Oop Tank £26.00
The Alley Oop Short £32.00

Soft Tangle-Free Jersey Shorts £13.00 £22.00
Chiffon Camo Jogger £37.00
Showstopper Bodysuit £37.00
Weight-Lifting Mini Short £35.00

Neon Soft Leggings £45.00
Geometric Swim Brief £27.00
Tribal Swim Brief £30.00

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