Would You Dare to Go Bare?

I'll admit it, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist. I have no problem wearing a thong or even less in public. But let's be honest. There is still this stigma about male nudity. You can't go naked in public, but you can do the next best thing. You can wear something sheer! 

I like to wear underwear for several reasons. First, is to keep those cold zippers and buttons from contacting my most sensitive skin. I like the way the soft material of underwear feels rubbing against me and I like that I can feel sexy because of what I have on under my work clothes. I very very rarely go commando, but when the urge strikes I first go for something sheer. 

Like anything else, sheer garments come in all kinds. At Body Aware we have items that are completely see-thru making it look like you're not wearing anything, all the way up to garments that are only sheer when wet. 

Our Mini Tap Short is completely see thru! This leaves nothing to the imagination but still allows you to wear something. Very sexy!

How about lace? We have quite a few undies made of this wonderful material. The beauty of lace, beyond the pretty pattern of the fabric, is that while it is sheer it's a little tough to see thru. YOU know you're showing it all off but those around you will have to do a double take.

Sheer doesn't have to be limited to underwear. We have tank tops, shorts, and bodysuits that are see thru. 

Thongs prohibited on your beach or at your pool? Wear that tiny suit anyway with a sheer pair of shorts over it. 

Want to show off all that hard work in the gym but you are required to wear a shirt? Why not try our Mesh or Alley Oop tanks. They still cover but allow you to show off those muscles. 

Personally, one of my little fetishes is sheer garments. I think it's so sexy that someone can be completely covered and still show everything.

So give it a shot. Dare to be bare......but not really.

Hope you have a great week!


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