Why Silk Is Great for Summer

Why Silk Is Great for Summer

Depending on where you are on this earth, it could be blazing hot, out there. If you’re out in the deserts of Arizona (where the Bodyaware headquarters are,) there’s a big chance you’re sweating while you’re reading this post, because the heat is inescapable, here. With temperatures getting higher, we’re all trying to find the simple ways to keep cool and avoid looking like sweaty messes. Since no one likes a sweaty bum (unless you’re into that), we recommend trying out a pair of silk underwear this summer! Why silk for the summer, though? Well, let us tell you all about it!


Silk is a low-density fabric, which means that it’ll be incredibly lightweight and comfortable around your goods. It’ll keep things cool around that area, which will definitely result in more comfort in the long run.

 Though it’s a light-weight fabric, it is also extremely durable. Summer is the season of traveling, getting out to get active, and ultimately, not sitting on our bums all day (but no one's judging if you do! I mean, it's getting pretty toasty.) A pair of silk undies will keep up with you during your summer adventures, whereas others might not hold up as well. 

 Lastly, and maybe most importantly, that shine and shimmer just can’t compare to any other fabric! Summer is a time for bold moves and bold adventures, so why not make some bold choices with your underwear, too? Maybe there’s someone you want to impress, or maybe you just want to add a pair of underwear to your collection that pops just a little more than the rest. Either way, a pair of silk briefs will be the gift that keeps on giving. 

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Have you tried out any of our silk items? Let us know how you feel about them in the comments! 


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