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Since BodyAware first hit the web in 1996 we've featured models wearing our products. What puzzles us is the response to our models.  People have very strong (and sometimes not very complimentary) opinions on virtually every model that has graced the web pages of our site.  

Some of the comments we've heard are: "Too fat", "Too thin", "Too old". And those are just the ones I'm comfortable repeating. 

I have been a customer of BodyAware for close to fifteen years and I will admit that Michael Dale (the model that is currently on the home page of BodyAware)  is by far my favorite model that I've seen on the website. I'm going to go out on a limb and describe what I like about Michael. He's got a handsome face, chiseled physique, no tattoos, no piercings and minimal body hair. But that's what I like.

What we'd really like to know is what type of guy do YOU, our customers, want to see wearing our products? 

People come in all shapes and sizes. And as many types of bodies that are out there, there are just as many preferences that people have. We know that we're not going to please every single customer with every single model, but we're going to try and we want your help!

What do you want to see? What don't you want to see? 

Please give us some feedback via the comments so we can make our page more appealing to more of you!

Have a great week!



I like seeing a diversity of men in terms of racial background and age. I also would like men to be more natural, i.e. some with chest and leg hair. I think it is cool if the model is wearing a “support” ring for some suits and would love to see men with a PA piercing where the outline of the jewelry is obvious. I think the photoshoots done on location are much more interesting than in a studio. Beach, pools, parks, the woods, the desert for example. I loved the one in the trailer park. It makes the products and models seem more real and accessible. Also, less serious looks and more smiles please!

Tom July 21, 2020

There are at least 2 ways of looking (Literally) at the models. One is to dispassionately judge whether they show the product off at its best. The second and more vicarious is to combine the former with an eye on the actual models themselves. In truth if the model turns you on then you are more likely to be attracted to the garment as well…or at least pay it more attention. I believe models are there to be attractive in their own right as well show off the goods. So let’s be honest with ourselves…the sight of a well proportioned, handsome and dare I say well hung model is going to help us choose our lingerie. On a personal level I would prefer to see more ethnic and age diversity…obviously all handsome and well hung too. No it doesn’t make me feel inferior size wise etc. but it does make the buying experience more pleasurable.

Fritz October 17, 2018

I love the athlectic young men you have on your site. Their bottoms are particularly gorgeous when delicately clad in xdress panties. The androgynous come hither looks of the slimmer twinks in fuller dress and smokey-eyed make up are particularly enticing too.

Ally July 12, 2018

I love de models but i think they aren’t that realistic for me because they are to muscular. i think i prefer thall (around 1m80) skinny, or just not fat and tanned and without h I love the clean cut too and i don’t like body hair. these things can be realistic. I think that less muscular models would make my more eager to buy because i can than better imagine me in it.

ben July 01, 2018

Fully agree: all types of models! I wear the most “seductive” undies possible. Older guys (reasonably fit guys) ask me where I get them so I turned them on to your sight. No one bought anything! They all felt the models were terrific but could bot see themselves looking anywhere as good. To a man they all agreed they want some but were very skeptical.You must know your target market and are probably hitting it very well. I still think a variety of models would be pretty damn cool!

Dan June 11, 2018

I really love the fact that you have clean cut models without tattoos. I’m sick of seeing other companies who use tattooed models. All that ink totally turns me off. I love Body Aware products and your models!

Ed June 07, 2018

I’ve liked all of them I’ve seen so far…they’re just about right as far as I can tell. They all have beautiful faces, and look like they’d be fun to spend time with…talking, of course, and hanging out, you dirty-minded people! (Because both of those things lead to other, more fun physical things, of course!)

But, I’m also a fan of diversity, so…whatever works!

My personal thing: I’m not a fan of facial hair (though some can be okay), not a big fan of baldness, and not a big fan of excessive body hair. Tats, especially tasteful ones, are fine. I would love to see some guys with a bit less muscular definition as well…muscles and toned bodies are great, but not having a 100% chiseled physique is not a bad thing, either, in terms of being slimmer or even a bit “more rounded,” shall we say. The sorts of people we’re more likely to meet on a daily basis in most places, in other words. ;)

Dr. Phil June 07, 2018

Hi there Body Aware!! Firstly, when ppl have negative things to say about the models, they’re insecure about themselves. Secondly, I’ve always loved each and every model you’ve ever used. They looked fantastic in the items they were wearing and showed your product in the way you it ought to be shown! I think I’m in lust with Michael Dale…he’s so friggin….HOTT HOT HOTT!! Just amazing. Michael has been modeling for BA from the very beginning i think…if memory serves. Anyway, keep up the great work. As for my type, I like ppl and everyone is different. Celebrate diversity and difference!! Happy pride!!


Cory June 07, 2018

1st let me say I think your models are hot and sell your products well i’m sure. but I would like to see a small guy modeling size small, med. build guy modeling medium, and a large modeling size large. because what looks good (sexy) on one frame doesn’t always work for others

Johnny June 07, 2018

Smooth, muscular, toned and tanned! Mmmm

Eoin June 07, 2018

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