What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

Today, when I scroll through the Body Aware website and read the product reviews and descriptions, I see people often call their product panties.  I can’t tell a lie, I’ve always liked the word panties, I think both for the sound and all my connotations of what they represent.  Despite my own proclivities and interests, however, seeing the word pop up in so many product reviews and descriptions on the Body Aware site made me wonder, what exactly are panties?

As always with these kinds of questions, I started with a quick google search, which mostly led me to dictionary definitions.  And these definitions I found online were both predictable and disappointing. Every dictionary I found online defined panties as underwear for women (the urban dictionary gave a more entertaining definition, but still the same basic premise), though many of us who are interested in experimenting with underwear and alternative ways of self-expression understand that the term can have much more nuisance and complexity, and thus this basic dictionary search didn’t answer my questions at all.

I’ve been trying to come up with my own definition of panties, but not sure I am making any progress.  I do think panties differ from underwear, at least in concept, suggesting something about the cut, design, and fabric of the garment.  When you think of panties, you don’t think of plain colored cotton underwear with worn-out waistbands, but rather of colorful and delicate fabrics with minimal and flattering cuts. A word like underwear seems to suggest something that serves a basic purpose; panties are soft, delicate, intimate, and inviting.

There is no denying that until recently women had many more options in underwear, and I think the very term panties suggests this kind of palette – one of rich colors, fabrics, and textures.  I also think of panties as being a bit more decorative, almost like the wrapping on a Christmas present. Or maybe like a sexy little garnish to help accentuate the main dish. So if you think of it this way, panties suggest a full menu of color and delicacy and surprises and are not just underwear for women.

There is also something just to the word itself.  When you speak or think of underwear, somehow it doesn’t trigger the imagination.  The very word panties, however, seems delightful, naughty, and playful.  It’s fun to say!

The problem with the definitions I found for panties online is that the whole idea is so much more evolved and complicated, full connotations and associations that are much more than just underwear for women. If you look at Body Aware and all the great things going on in men’s underwear design today, you cannot deny that panties have evolved into so much more, something that is not gender specific. I love all my undies with sheer fabrics, lace, and luscious colors.  Indeed, I can say with pride that I love my panties and don’t think of them as something just for women at all anymore!

What are your thoughts on calling underwear panties? Let us know in the comments below!

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Having considered all of the previous comments on this blog, I think that panties accurately describes this article of clothing regardless of gender.If it makes you more comfortable with the term, then by all means either prefix the word panties with whichever gender specific is appropriate. Personally, I believe that the word panties denotes a seductive under garment of either silk or of silky satin like material or lace or a combination of these materials. Light, delicate, somewhat erotic and seductive in very attractive colours and designs. It is the one word which says it all, so why bother trying reinvent the terminology merely to satisfy those who worry about using it in association with male attire? When women started wearing trousers, I doubt if they bothered wasting time coming up with a new word to specifically define what they were wearing. But at that time, most people would have regarded trousers as something almost exclusively worn by men. There are instances when men wear tights, but I don’t think anyone worries about calling them something else. Perhaps there is far too much angst entered around this topic which comes from societies long held prejudices about what men or women for that matter should or shouldn’t wear and what sort of public image it presents in society. When I started wearing satin panties, which were specifically designed for men, I must admit, I felt a little uneasy about referring to them as panties, but that is just what they are. Ultimately and perversely it seems to come down to this, are you man enough to refer to panties as panties? Do you have the self confidence? Are you a man or a mouse? In the end, as the man said, it’s much a do about nothing. After all, what we are discussing here is merely an article of clothing made of certain fabric(s). Wearing panties and calling them panties will neither change your gender, sexual proclivity or emasculate the male sex. Thankfully, attitudes in society to such trivia is changing and not before time I might add. Finally, just remember this, your choice of underwear is your business, no one else’s, especially as you will be paying for it. So just enjoy wearing panties or whatever else you personally chose to call them. It’s your life and your choice.


Panties is so feminine, underwear is so boring! What is a man to do? Innovate and movie forward with “manties”, intimates for men. I proudly wear women’s panties but wear BodyAaware “manties” more often. The panties do have more options in style, fabric choices and colors but Body Aware does a decent job bridging the gap! Nothing excites me more that ordering from Body Aware except receiving them in the mail! Love to try them on in front of a mirror before showing them off to my girlfriend. The Body Aware Satin Briefs and Tangas feel so good on me and I love to feel the curves of my body while feeling the fabric. So sexy, just taking about it…..


I proudly call my Body Aware purchases “Manties”. The term is playfully masculine! I get so excited browsing the Body Aware website for different items and even more excited when I purchase something! The products inspire confidence and playfulness. I love the Tangas the most, especially the Plaid Tanga that I recently bought. The fit, the feel, the comfort are unmatched by other underwear products on the market. And although I still wear women’s panties, my manties are way better! Panties still have one advantage: More selection! I am waiting for the Red Glossy Satin Tanga to be back in stock! When I purchase that, my next biggest problem is waiting for them to arrive! As Tom Petty said “The Waiting Is the Hardest Part!” Even with two day shipping!


Sorry guys, but I totally disagree with using the term panties in the context of men’s undergarments. It has such a clear and definitive history of being associated with women that I don’t think it will ever be successfully overtaken by a gender neutral connotation. Honestly, when I read ’men’s panties’ I envision something like ruffled sissy pants for cross-dressers (which I am NOT knocking, by the way, just to be clear), not sexy men’s lingerie. Don’t have an alternative term to suggest unfortunately, but ‘panties’ will never work for me.


I have never used the word panties to describe underwear that bodyaware labels as panties. This is because I have always associated that generic term with ladies lingerie.
Yet having read the comments thus far I will in future use the collective noun preceded by the possessive noun ’men’s’. I have worn men’s panties all of my adult life. There is no style of underwear to beat them in my view.


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