What Makes Underwear Erotic?

What Makes Underwear Erotic?

If you go to any of the major online retailers for men’s underwear, each of them has a menu of categories on the top of the page – trunks, briefs, thongs, etc.  And most of them have a category labeled Erotic. While I am definitely in support of underwear as part of erotic expression and play, I typically question the choices these retailers classify as erotic – crotchless things can be fun to wear, but never forgot that the imagination is key to good erotic expression, and leaving a little something to be revealed can be extremely teasing and tempting.  But this all got me to thinking, what makes underwear erotic?

I have two different answers to this question, based on who is wearing the underwear in question. When it is my partner, there are a few things that can make her underwear erotic for me.  There are some obvious things. Panties and lingerie that accentuate shape can be really arousing, showing off her hips or butt. Color is a great motivator in almost all human endeavors, and the right color underwear can do a lot in attracting your partner’s attention.  The texture and quality of the fabric can also lend a lot of erotic value to the underwear – good underwear can feel wonderful to touch! The biggest thing, however, in determining the erotic value of my partner’s underwear is the intent. When she wears nice undies for me, it lets me know that she’s been thinking of me, and it is something that she shares only with me.  Good underwear can also act like lovely wrapping paper on a birthday present – opening the package and finding the surprise is part of the fun. And good underwear offers up a statement that erotic attention is important, that it is a priority in sharing with your partner.

Wearing good underwear provides some different erotic values too.  There are many things that are the same whether it is you or your partner wearing them – color and fabric can do so much to stimulate the senses, the right shape and contours can really help to show off your assets, and the intent to share something lovely and special with your partner can be really arousing for all involved.  When I wear really nice underwear, all these things help with a special erotic experience. There is something more, however, when wearing erotic underwear that is a bit different than just seeing your partner wearing it. I think it is something internal and comes from a feeling of pride and confidence, but ultimately I think is something a bit deeper.  Wearing good underwear for my partner feels like a celebration or an act of joy to me, a celebration of my body and sharing it with her. Sometimes I feel like I am glowing from the inside, and can’t wait for her to see what I am wearing underneath my jeans. And nothing, as far as I am concerned, translates into good erotic experiences like pride, confidence, and joy!

I know now that my partner looks forward to seeing my new underwear as much as I enjoy showing them to her.  We’ve been together for years and still have an incredible erotic connection. Some of this, I think, is a result of sharing in the pleasures of really good underwear.


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The confidence to wear only panties is what makes it erotic. Willing to not cover up the panties. Women and men who wear panties around the house, erotic. Women and men who wear panties to beach and pool in Mexico is erotic. Thong panty lines through white shorts is erotic. I have worked out at gym doing cardio, right behind a girl in yoga pants with her thong lines clear as day. I run staring at her ass the entire time and thinking of the thong I have on. I cannot get to the shower fast enough. Erotic is walking through locker room in womens panties to the shower. Never seen anyone else do it. I have done it twice. Once I got called gay, other I got smiles. I am not gay, I am bi. Men should be able to look sexy also.


Interesting question. I think there are several factors that make underwear erotic. ItI first starts with the feel: It must be comfortable and the fabric must inspire confidence. Next is the mood. Being clean, smelling good, dressing nicely breeds confidence and masculinity. Next is your partner. are they in a similar place? If so, great. If not, try to get them there. Lastly, the underwear should be supportive and enhancing. Nice to rub for foreplay. Easy to take off, of course!


perso j’adule le slip moulant mais le string ficelle en second offre sa part de mystère et d’envie érotique


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