What Is It About Men's Underwear?

What Is It About Men's Underwear?

What is “Men’s Underwear”? I believe that men’s underwear is whatever undergarment a man feels comfortable wearing. It can be hot pink, satiny smooth, with a rouged back and sculpted front. They could be a simple pair of Trunks in a breathable fabric. Both are viable options. 


I have spent many years admiring the textures and fabrics of “Women’s lingerie” and wondered why there isn’t similar options for men. Why must “men’s underwear” be made of coarse cotton with multiple seams and pinch points? Body Aware has answered that question, the answer is a resounding NO. There are a multitude of styles, colors and fabrics to choose from. You can express yourself with a form fitted bodysuit, or a Lace Thong. All of these options can fit moods and occasions.

It really comes down to the fact that society has determined what is acceptable as men’s underwear and what is not. Men aren’t supposed to have pretty underwear, we are only allowed to have “functional” underwear. I don’t know about you, but I love pretty, comfortable, and functional underwear. I want to have underwear that can be viewed as sexy and makes me feel so. I want underwear that is supportive but still looks sexy.

“Men’s Underwear” doesn’t have to be boring and mundane. there are so many options to choose from now a days. The world of Men’s Underwear is not what it use to be. I hope you will join me on a journey through the different styles, fabrics, and pleasures of the new world of Men’s Underwear. We can dive into the pros and cons of different styles in different situations. Cover the pleasures of more sensual fabrics, and break the mold on what is standard for “Men’s Underwear”.

I encourage you to comment below where you would like this series to go next. What type of underwear do you enjoy wearing? What are your go-to colors in underwear? How does the perfect pair of undies make you feel?

I look forward to your thoughts!


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I have always had this fascination with men’s underwear. Over the years I have ordered from and worn almost every style. However, my favorite styles are bikini briefs and thongs. The bikini briefs I like the most are usually white or maybe pale yellow or pink with a soft an very stretchy fabric. I don’t like the mesh but instead I like the material that is very thin and slightly transparent to build intrigue and imagination in others heads. An intimate pair of bikini briefs that tightly hug every curve but stretch enough to put your goods on display. Underwear parties are hot, especially wearing these styles….


I have to agree with the comments above , Men’s underwear can be very boring , I love wearing these products especially floral shiny and cute ones , I was skeptical to start with but after I bought my first pair I loved them . I’ve been a straight guy for 50 years , but wearing these has made me question myself and my feelings and brought back feelings I had as a teenager which I suppressed , my partner of 5 years had always suspected I was gay , and just asked for honesty and openness so we had a conversation, Thanks bodyaware for giving me this opportunity, fun times ahead . Scott


Men’s fashion is awful across the board. We get shorts pants. Long sleeves or short sleeves. Men’s underwear is no different in our society. Finally we have some options for pretty and sexy underwear. I originally found xdress.com first and started with bikini underwear. I have since moved to thong underwear. Sometimes that are woman’s “panties” and sometimes they are “men’s” thongs. As far as I am concerned, as soon as I put them on no matter who they were marketed to, they are men’s underwear. Now we need to start working on swimwear (swim trunks are awful), regularly clothes, and shoes!! Give us men more options!!


I am happy to have Body Aware provide different men’s underwear. Some manufacturers are getting into more risqué stuff but a lot is mainstream. You have to search for sexy underwear when it should be commonplace. XDress.co.uk, Body Aware sister company, is another fun site for underwear but if your SO isn’t into Body Aware, they may not be into the next level. But, I will say that men need to open up and be more vulnerable with their SO on what they like in underwear. The glass ceiling is being shattered everyday in everywhere we look so be open and honest about your desires and your SO should support (they may chuckle a little but you have to stay straight on your desires). Who knows, it may open up more fun int he bedroom?


Unfortunately I think there is a stigma attached to mens undies. If you wear anything other than boring black boxers or grim grey you must be weird or something. I’m very much a man’s man, or at least that’s what my wife calls me . I’ve worn body aware products since the 90’s and love the thongs and g-strings. I’ve had some great shots taken in the g-strings and people have agreed . XXL fits me perfectly . Although this can be difficult to get like shoes in a 13.
I think some standard primary colours in the Gossamer string would be great. Maybe even a pack price of five . One fir each day of the working week maybe. I hope this helps.


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