Guide To Guy's Undies!

Guide To Guy's Undies!

So you’re ready to ditch your mainstream tightey whiteys or boxers for some underwear with flare? There are so many styles to choose from, but what style will work best for you? Let’s see if I can help.


These provide maximum coverage and are the most modest underwear that we offer. Some shorts offer a built in pouch to offer support and others let you hang free. Shorts can be worn under just about anything and don’t always have to be undergarments. 



If you’re used to wearing tightey whiteys then you know what briefs are. Briefs provide full coverage front and back. While they do cover everything, they are smaller than the mainstream underwear. Briefs offer great comfort and support. Briefs can be worn for any activity that you’re planning on doing. 



Feeling a little more daring? A tanga may be for you. The best way to describe a tanga is to think of a brief only smaller. A tanga exposes more skin. You usually get about ¾ the coverage front and rear that you would get from a brief.  Why not try a Tanga for that night on the town or for that hot first date? Feeling sexy in what you're wearing can make all the difference in how your day or night goes!



The thong is very similar to a brief butt it leaves your back side completely exposed. (See what I did there?) Thongs are among our most supportive and comfortable underwear. Once you wear your first one you'll never go back to regular underwear. I especially like the support and freedom of movement a thong offers when exercising. Again, I cannot stress the sexy factor. Your partner will love the view of you with your buns exposed and there's just something about having your rear out there! Thongs are not just for women anymore!



These are our most daring undies. Like the name implies you get a few strings and a very small pouch up front to cradle your most intimate bits. G-strings are great for many occasions. Watch her or his face light up when you walk in the room wearing just a G. They are great for tanning as they will leave you with tiny tan lines. For me, I love the feeling of being almost completely naked. When it comes to g-strings less really is more as they ramp up the sexy factor for you and your partner. 

Whatever your plans are for the day, or evening we have the perfect under garments for you. We offer all our styles in various colors and materials. Dare to go sheer or enjoy the feeling of satin or lace. 

What are your favorite styles and why? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.

Have a great week!


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