Why We Make in the USA

Why We Make in the USA

With all the talk in the news lately about trade wars and other politics... (barf) there is an even bigger push to buy American made products! What better product to buy than American designed and made underwear from Body Aware? The foundation of every great country is it's people and the foundation of every great person’s attire are their underwear. Sure, you could go out and purchase some cheap underwear from the big box stores and while they will keep your twig and berries in place (not as well as Body Aware can), if you look at where they are manufactured, you will find they are mass produced in an array of other countries. Shocking, I know! Besides, they are lacking something that only Body Aware can bring and it is style.



An example of this American made style and sexiness is The Snug Brief. The fabric is amazing and the lack of seam in the front and back make you feel like you’re wearing almost nothing at all.  The feeling of this fabric cannot be matched by any mass produced underwear I have found. Give it a try, and I bet you will not be sorry. Now, if you're looking for something with a little less fabric why not try The Greek God Thong. The Nylon/Spandex blend feels amazing on and the colour choices will cater to everyone’s tastes. It is also American made so you are supporting your country, right? How can you go wrong?



Now with summer here we all need swimwear and again why not buy American made. Body Aware offers some amazing swimwear I absolutely love like the Silver Python Swim Brief. The unique snake skin pattern on these and curved shaped pouch will make you excited to hit the beach and strut your stuff. They feel amazing on and are super comfortable to swim in.  Now if you plan to spend more time around your pool with your special someone then why not treat them to you wearing a George Swim Thong. It is so comfortable to wear and the cheekiest piece of American made swimwear by Body Aware. I love it!



So next time you stand for the national anthem, stand proud wearing a pair of Body Aware underwear knowing that you have done your part to support the country's economy. It also doesn’t hurt that they make you feel sexy too.


Until next time my friends stay sexy!


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