Tis' The Naughty AND Nice Season!

Tis' The Naughty AND Nice Season!


Tis' the season, as we often say, that time of year when we eat and drink too much.  But it is also that time we like to reach out to our friends, families and loved ones to share time, gifts, and many of the things we love in the world.  I don’t know about you, but I love giving that special someone in my life the gift of really great underwear, to remind them that you think of them in all kinds of ways.  I also love it when people go out of their way to get me some really good undies. I mean, what better presents are there than socks and undies?

So, with the gift-giving season upon us, I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favorite Body Aware products, as either a wish list of things I love that you might want to get yourself or as ideas to give to some of the people close to you.  And as my dad said to me every year, it’s important to get yourself some holiday gifts too, so maybe some of these things can just be great treats to share with yourself? ;)

  • Sleek Satin Track Short: Honestly, this is one of my favorite Body Aware products.  The incredibly soft and supportive mesh lining coupled with the sleek satin fabric makes for a wonderful and luxurious pair of shorts.  These are so lightweight and breathable. They make great loungewear for sitting around the house. The hot feel and look of the short like some of the best lingerie is the perfect thing to share with your partner.  All around, this is a fantastic item, incredibly comfortable and sexy.

  • Satin Mini Tanga: This might be my favorite item Body Aware released this fall.  It is light, delicate, and sensuous. The design and cut are so comfortable and minimal it is almost like wearing nothing at all.  The skimpy front coverage is form-fitting, and with that satin shine it really shows off what you’ve got. The back is comfortable and sleek, and with such a smooth finish invites the best kind of touch.  These tangas come in stunning colors – I got the Forest Green, but plan to get more.

  • Skye Legging: Really good quality and stylish leggings for men are hard to come by, and yet these totally fit the bill.  They are both stylish and practical, complete with pockets for your phone or keys, and the purple mesh panels down the sides make for a great look.  The fabric was already a hit with the tanga (sold out!) and thong, and I think it actually works better for the leggings.

  • It is more than just these really hot and innovative undies, Body Aware also provides some really great basics.  One of my favorites is the European Hipster Brief, now a bargain sold as a two-pack.  I love both the colors available, and the fabric feels great and is built to last.  If like me, you are between sizes I suggest going with a smaller size. The fabric has a nice stretch, and it is such a high-quality material a snug fit feels great.

  • Across most of their satin collections, Body Aware released a great line of prints this fall.  Whether it is the thongs (they can’t seem to keep the great paisley in stock!), briefs, or boxers, the patterns are great, and anyone who’s tried the satin knows it will be a great pair of undies to wear for almost any occasion.

  • If you like mesh and see-through fabrics, there are some great options right now.  A personal favorite of mine is the Invisible Strut Thong.  This is so skimpy and minimal and delightful, I love it!  You can read my review of it here for a bit more of a narrative.  I haven’t tried the Invisible Pleasure Brief just yet but can tell you it is on top of my wish list.  Like the mesh thong, these briefs come in wonderful colors, and I already know that I love the fabric.

  • I think you can also always count on some of the classic, signature products of Body Aware.  The first of these that comes to mind for me is the Greek God Brief, part of the Body Aware catalog for many years now.  This is a really, really comfortable brief, made with a lightweight satin fabric.  It feels delicate and special when you pull them on and gives a nice feeling of comfort all day long.  It comes in a lot of bold colors (I'd go for the Royal Blue and Dusky Pink), and provides a look and feel that will register as confidence and pride whenever you’ve got them on.

  • In my mind, another classic Body Aware design is their line of Bodysuits.  Here they have something for everyone – thongs or bikini bottoms, mesh or satin, spaghetti straps or racerbacks.  I like the Breezy Thong Bodysuit, but it is worth taking a look for yourself.

Choosing the right product for the right gift comes back to that classic holiday question, are you naughty or nice?  But if we are all honest with each other, sometimes it is nice to be naughty, and the right kind of underwear can be the perfect way to share that with the people you love!

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Muchas gracias! My boyfriend really loves fancy undies and i am thinking of getting him something for Christmas!


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