There's Something About Neoprene

There's Something About Neoprene

Hey Everyone! It's John the Panty Packer! What's up?!

It has been a long while since I have blogged, but I wanted to write this so I could get the word out to everyone. We have an amazing new product line that we just started producing. Once I found out that we were going to introduce our own Neoprene line I decided I had to preform my due diligence and check the items out for myself. I must admit that the new Neoprene line (which includes the Neoprene Bulge Brief and the Neoprene Zip Short) is absolutely amazing!!

At first glance I wondered exactly how the Neoprene material would feel against the body. For those of you unfamiliar with Neoprene think of the material that is used for a scuba or surfing wet suit. The Neoprene material is actually quite forgiving while still hugging your skin. To me it felt like I was putting on a glove that was made just for me; a special glove that encompasses all of the best parts. The front pouch, which is a BodyAware hallmark, is quite unique. While our other items have a pouch in the front, the pouch on the Neoprene actually has some form to it. This form is what provides the bulge of the item. Obviously, it is the man inside the pouch that gives the true form!

The fit of both items is spectacular. There is no uncomfortable riding up and the inner lining gives it a feel as if you are being caressed by the warm rays of the sun and the white beams of the moon.

The bulge of the pouch in this item is one of a kind. I equate it as something similar to a push up or enhancing bra for women. This bulge allows you to never wonder how things are situated down below. As a man we are constantly having to adjust, making sure things look good and everything is in its right place. With this item all those worries can be cast aside. It won't bulge in a vulgar way but in a manner which can make a man feel comfortable and confident! Those are all big pluses in my book.

With the Neoprene Zip Short, I was slightly concerned about the zipper at first. Truth be told my mind immediately went to 'There is Something about Mary'. Nobody wants the frank to be above the beans. I had to check this out for myself. The results were quite amazing. There is a protective covering on the inside which covers the zipper teeth and protects that which is most precious.

I highly recommend the new Neoprene line! It can handle pool water, lake water, and sea water. However, after each use it is recommended to rinse the item with fresh water, a drop of mild detergent, and laid out to dry.

If you have any questions about any Neoprene item our team will be happy to help at

I know there are tons of Neoprene customers out there so drop us a comment below. The community always loves and appreciates the feedback and information.

Until next time, this is the Panty Packer signing off!!


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