The Results Are In and The Winner Is…

The Results Are In and The Winner Is…

Wow!!!! So many great responses to the Bare or Hair Survey and I have sat down with a team of statisticians and combed over the results (lol really it’s just me, but I always wanted to say that). Thank you all for taking the time answer the survey and share your preferences. It meant so much to me! I have gone over the answers one by one and in this article I thought it would be fun to share some of the results.



For the preferred look it seems that like myself most of you prefer the hardwood court (rounds of applause like in the academy awards). 92 out of 140 is amazing and as far as the preferred devices to obtain this look it would appear Trimmers and Razors win. There were a few brave souls that stated Wax and Laser and to you I take my hat off. I have always wanted to try these methods but to date have been too chicken. As for the person who said “I use an epilator for all around grooming. I use a razor for the "boys". Not brave enough to epilate there.” I bow down to you as I tried an epilator once and man that thing hurts (lol)!  Astro turf was the second most popular and the Forest look appears to be the least, but hey to each their own. We all have our idea of sexy and that is what makes it great.


As for the results of “Is your choice in manscaping both the same above and below the belt?” It would appear that most of us do enjoy the same treatment above and below and a Hybrid approach of trimming up top comes in at number 2. I enjoyed the analogy provided by this response “The chest with a few trimmed hairs shows you care for yourself. No hair below belt because I wear small European style swimwear and don't want the pubes to peep out the sides. It feels fresher and cleaner.”



So there we have it my friends we all seem to enjoy having things trimmed up nicely or clean shaven. Some of my favorite responses to “Why have you chosen this type of manscaping?” are as follows and I think it really gives a good glimpse as to why we do it


Love the feel...”

“Enhanced sensitivity and clean appearance”

“It just feels sexy, gets me in the mood.”

“It just looks better (with or without skimpy underwear).”

“Like the nice clean look and so does the wife.”

“Like the feel and I pump occasionally and need the tight seal.”

“Like no pubic hair”

“Less is always more”

“We LOVE The“NEW LACE BRAZILIAN BRIEF”. I am very hairy and it covers the areas that we shave Smooth. So when they are removed from me. He is rewarded with a Smooth, Sculptured MANsrerpiece. These Undies get us both....very excited!”



I again just want to say a personal thank you to everyone who took the time to answer my survey and for sharing with us. I love that fact that Body Aware gives us a venue to share our choices and helps us in our continual search to stay feeling sexy. Thank you Body Aware and thank you my friends. If there are any other surveys you would like please let me know in the comments!


Until next time, keep the court clean or the grass trimmed up nice.


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