The Manzillian

The traditional manscaping for me began about 20 years ago and included a variety of trimming options: scissors, electric groomers, tweezers, razors. All worked okay and none really stood out as the one-stop fix for manscaping. Scissors couldn’t get close enough, razors required shaving cream and no combination seemed to get close enough, groomers had the same issue: stubble. Tweezers got some of the hard to get areas but, boy, was it painful!

It was nerve-racking enough to shave the scrotum and shaft without fear of cutting yourself.  Grooming the buttocks and the perineum was also very challenging!

All of this changed one day when I heard about the Manzilian. Think of it as a Brazillian for men. I was a bit apprehensive when I first tried this and I did not know anything about it. So, I was very surprised on my first visit when I left looking like a newborn baby!  

If you have never waxed before, I can tell you that it's different. You should let yourself grow out a bit so the wax has something to grab onto. There is a small amount of discomfort but I would not call it painful. The Waxologist should be trained for the job.  You will be VERY happy with the results as it lasts about 4-6 weeks.

Since finding this new method, I have added a few services that are on offer, including: Between the Cheeks and Glutes.  And my partner could not be happier!  Afterward (or even while on the appointment) I will put on a pair of my favorite Body Aware underwear.  If you do this, you will find a new level of comfort and eroticism!  My favorite pair lately is the Carnival Lace Brief!

Happy Manscaping!



I am lucky as there is a beautician locally who does male waxing, and I’ve been visiting her regularly for some years now. It was a bit painful initially, but the more you go the easier it gets as there’s less to wax! I love being smooth all over, wearing silk and satin undies on smooth skin feels soooo good!

Ed September 14, 2020

With so many options these days – Laser is the best. I’ve waxed for 10 years and switched to Laser hair removal and I can’t be happier. It’s more expensive but so much more pleasing for your body and confidence.

Vit September 09, 2020

I love hairless. However, I have not found a salon that will do a men’s brazillian in Tulsa, OK. I’ve had a bikini wax before, but the guy who used to do them moved on. Hairless is the only way to go! Just wash and moisturize!

Michael September 08, 2020

I’ve been grooming my body for over 10 years now, every part below my face is completly smooth . I love having a hairless body and luckily my wife does as well. I’ve started of with shaving, had my legs waxed a few times and used the electric epilator for a while (yes, also in the private area…). For the last year I’ve been using a DIY IPL device which does require shaving in between the treatments but for the few hairs remaining that’s a piece of cake.
I hope more guys will discover the amazing pleasure of having a smooth body, I’m still feeling rather lonely on this…

Joe September 02, 2020

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