The Greek God Brief

The Greek God Brief

Have you tried the Greek God Brief by Body Aware?  If not, all I can say is, you must! It has become a signature product at Body Aware, and perhaps, more importantly, an incredible – revolutionary – contribution to contemporary underwear and fashion for men.

To understand what I really love about these briefs, let’s break the brief down by each component:

  • Fabric:  The fabric is remarkable.  It is delicate, smooth, and extremely lightweight.  Holding the briefs in your hands is a unique feeling, like holding a beautiful and delicate flower.  The weave of the fabric is tight which gives the undies a wonderful texture. Just as importantly, the fabric is really high quality and these briefs will last!

  • Colour:  The designers at Body Aware typically have a great understanding of colour, and this product comes in an array to please almost any taste (I love the royal blue!).  It’s more than just the palette, as so much of the quality of the colour comes from the quality of the fabric. The satin really lends a shine to the colour, nothing that seems garish or excessive, but one that does help you to shine on the inside and helps you to show yourself off.  I am excited that Body Aware is creating new prints for their satin briefs, and hope to see some new designs in the future.

  • Fit/sizing:  Probably like many of us, I fall between sizes, sometimes a medium and sometimes a large.  On the website, Body Aware suggests going to the larger size. Well, I have a couple of pairs of the Greek God Brief, both in medium and large, and I love them both.  The fabric has a nice stretch to it, and because it’s such high quality, it can stretch and still hold its shape. The snug fit can feel fun and sexy, and really accentuate the shine of the satin.  The larger size is so luxurious and feels weightless when you put them on. Either way, wearing these feels like a treat for both yourself and anyone you share them with.

  • Design:  The cut and stitching of the brief are unique and wonderful.  The seam on the backside has a nice feel and also helps provide great shape.  The brief also has a nice pouch, and can really give you a nice look and shape.

All said and done, I highly recommend these briefs.  Not only do they seem like a signature product from Body Aware, but also a personal favourite in my drawer.  If you haven’t given them a try, please do! And if you’ve already discovered these briefs, please share your thoughts!

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I agree. I don’t think you need to go up a size. I have chosen medium as against large


I agree with Brian that Greek God Briefs and Thongs should be staples for day and night wear. I especially love to pair them with the satin tank at night. I’m 5’9, 155lbs and usually go with the Mediums. Sometimes I buy a few larges – never hurts to have some extra satin! Post a few pics in your Greek Gods on Instagram!


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