The Gift of You in Underwear

The Gift of You in Underwear

Everybody likes opening a present right? You look at the size and shape and wonder excitedly what's inside. The anticipation can be amazing. My wife and I like to think of our underwear like that, the wrapping on a great surprise. We were talking the other night and we both agree that less is not always more. I've got G-strings, thongs, tangas, bikini briefs and even J strings in all different fabrics. We were discussing what her favorite look on me was. She likes thongs! She likes sheer materials, but prefers soft supple material that shows off all my parts without actually being able to see them.

When I first started wearing sexy underwear I did it purely for my own enjoyment. I wanted to feel like I was wearing as little as possible and doing so made me feel sexy. When we started dating, my now wife liked my unconventional underwear, but I noticed she seemed to react better to certain pairs over others. This prompted a fantastic conversation. What did SHE like seeing me wearing? I learned her preferences and likes. This prompted us to shopping together and her actually picking out some pairs for me.

Wearing undies that I knew she would like made a big difference. Not only was I turning my self on, but now I knew I was turning her on as well. We now routinely go lingerie/undie shopping together and we play a little game. When she or I gets something new we don't let the other see it. What we like to do is wait until the weekend when we know we are spending all day together. We tell the other person what we've got on under our clothes, but we're not going to get to see it until that night. The anticipation and excitement builds all day until finally we get to unwrap our presents. GREAT sex always follows! 

So talk to your partner. Wearing undies they like can be even more exciting that wearing ones you like. When you're on the same page, everyday can seem like Christmas and the presents are guaranteed to be more fun!

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