Oh That Shine

Oh That Shine
“I was about to take over the world, but then I saw something shiny.”
― Anonymous

When he was a kid, my uncle adopted a crow.  The bird never moved into the house or anything, but lived in the yard and had an ongoing relationship with my uncle.  They would visit every day, and my uncle liked to give the bird some gifts. How did this all begin? With my uncle giving the bird a spoon.  A shiny silver spoon.

It’s well known that crows respond to shiny things, but if we are honest with each other, we can say it is much more than crows.  We all respond to that shine. I’ve noticed more and more acceptance in men’s underwear for shining designs, whether it’s satin, disco, or some other kind of sparkle, the shine is finding its way into men’s underwear.  Which got me to think, what do we like about shiny things?

There is something pretty elementary about shine that is easy to understand – the brilliance of light catches our eyes, and anything that reflects light back will grab our attention.  And from the beginning people have used shine to demark power and privilege, be it European oligarchs or rap musicians from the 1990s. Or think of a dark landscape with a shining light in the distance – you will look past the landscape focus on that which is shining.

When it comes to panties or our underwear the attraction to shine isn’t too different.  Whether it is satin or another kind of fabric, nice shine to your underwear undoubtedly attract attention to what you’ve got and shows it with pride and power.  Wearing underwear with a shine is a bold statement, and helps you present yourself with confidence and assertion. And that is a lovely thing to share with your partner.

I remember the first time I wore my satin briefs for my partner, the first thing she commented on was the shine and how much she loved it.  She said the shine made my package look like a present (and what a great thing that is to hear!). I love to wear satin products from Body Aware.  Some of the reasoning is the feel of the fabric and all the great colours and patterns available, but some of it is that little extra shine to announce me for those lucky enough to see.

Signing off, for now!


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Wrapping yourself in something shiny is always a great thing to do. You are like a Christmas present waiting to be opened! Love the new Glossy Series from Body Aware!


The first pair of panties I tried on (at her suggestion) were my girlfriends green satin panties, I still remember the feel, from that day on I was hooked, she also felt the same way about how good they looked on me, and we would often go shopping for matching panties, and back in the 80’s it was shocking to the sales associates in the local Lingerie shops, but so much fun.


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