Take Off 2016 and Slip Into 2017

Take Off 2016 and Slip Into 2017

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year, you pretty much know that 2016 wasn’t the best. A lot of us have hung onto this idea that it’s such a terrible year, and just having that on our minds has dragged us down as we’re trying to crawl our way into 2017. Though the year was terrible, it doesn’t mean that our outlook on life has to change.


When you wear your underwear for too long, or it starts to get worn out, you change into a new pair, right? (At least we’re hoping you do!) Well, think of 2016 like a worn out, used-up pair of underwear. We don’t want that anymore. It’s got holes, cold breezes pass by and send chills up your spine far too often, and let’s be real; it just doesn’t look all that good on you. I mean, you can rock any pair of underwear you put on, but worn-out underwear just can't be fashionable. 


Instead of dwelling too hard on how terrible of a year 2016 was, take off the negativity that it gave you and slip into a pair of positivity briefs, whatever that might mean to you. Maybe it means knowing when to walk away from a bad situation, or maybe it means blocking out any negative noise in the world when you know you’re not going to react to it very well. There's no need to drag the mood down if it can be avoided.



The most important thing we should remember, though? Just knowing when to have fun! We get bogged down with so much work, so many responsibilities, and so much to worry about, that we forget to give ourselves time to just relax and let loose. Whether that means dancing around the house in your underwear, or treating yourself to one more episode of a show you’re watching, just take the time to do something you enjoy when the opportunity arises. Life is too short to wear ourselves out all the time. You deserve those little treats, every now and then!


Even though 2016 may be recognized as one of the worst years ever, there's no reason why we can't break through the gates of 2017 with smiles on our faces, and pep in our step. Brushing off negativity definitely takes some work, even for those who are usually pretty good at it. When you get the hang of it, though, you'll feel so much better.


Any new year’s resolutions that you’ll be working toward? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to cheer you on!

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