Skirts for Men!

Skirts for Men!

We’re living in a time where men’s fashion is becoming less and less strict. Thank goodness, right? Can you believe that it used to be a statement when a guy wore something pink? And now, when you see guys in pink, you probably just think “whatevs, it’s a guy wearing something pink.” I honestly love that society has been less strict on what a guy can wear, because it’s so repetitive and boring to see that a “best dressed” guy means “a guy wearing a tailored suit.” Sure, tailored suits look nice, but where's the artistry in that? Where's the sense of self-expression that shows their distinct taste in fashion?


Any guy can pull off a tailored suit, but can any guy pull off something like, oh, I don’t know…a skirt?



I mean, I think we all could.


When it comes right down to it, a skirt is just another type of short/pant, right? It just doesn’t have the individual leg openings that would make it considered as such. We usually see them designed in more “feminine” ways, but who’s to say that a man can’t wear them and look great in them?


The idea of a man wearing a skirt definitely isn't a new thing. Jaden Smith has been rocking skirts for almost a year now, and there are big name companies such as Hot Topic and Barney's New York that made skirts for men. It's gotten so much in the mainstream eye, that even Buzzfeed decided to have some correspondents try wearing skirts for a week!



Such a beautiful message, right? We should be able to wear what we want, and we shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable about it! If we feel it looks good with the outfit, and it's something that we think fits with our style, why should society tell us that we can't wear it?


So what do you think of skirts for men? Could you see yourself wearing some? Do you already own a skirt, perhaps? Let’s get conversational in the comments!

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I wear skirts, mini skirts, and dresses all the time. Now it is winter not so much

Jim B.

I have been wearing a short mini skirt (13 in hem) and tights for some time. I love it and wish I had done so sooner. I have had a few looks from men but no adverse comments. And some good looks from the ladies. The skirt is only a piece of clothing that men have forgotten about, men did wear skirts long before the ladies. The Scott’s never stopped wearing them. Yes the kilt is a skirt, but very expensive £1700 a Scott will wear his kilt with pride, skirts should also be worn with pride.


I wear skirts with pride. Yeah! I get nervous if a group of women look at me disapprovingly. I feel better in them as there is no restrictive movement like tight trousers.
If only I could get tights that would fit me I would feel better, being nervous as I can’t wear them because I have beefy legs. Kind Regards yo you all
. Colin

Colin Nutley

I wear skirts much more often than pants of shorts. I have never had any negative reaction from the public, but often do get positive notice from women (none from men, at least not spoken). I much prefer the look and feel for most activities (OK, working under a car, not so much). Mini to knee-length in Summer, satin or denim (pockets!); knee to ankle, denim (pockets!) or wool in Winter. always over satin and/or lace undies, if any. When it looks good, feels great, and works – what’s not to love?


I began wearing skirts or skorts in public as a guy about a year ago, (and occasionally cross dress as well, presenting as female.) There is something heavenly about just putting on a skirt as a guy and being myself as I want to be as well as freeing my body from the constriction of pants and male undergarments. There is no way a skirt isn’t better suited for the male body than trousers. For the most part there is no reaction or interest from people when I’m in a denim or tennis skirt and what occasional reaction there is is almost always a smile, from both men and women.


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