Skin Care For Men... It's Not Just Body Wash!

Skin Care For Men... It's Not Just Body Wash!

When you think of skin care most of us think of body wash and aftershave and that’s it, but is there more we can be doing for our skin? Women have a whole beauty regime for skin care so where did we fall off the truck? I personally believe we don’t have to go to an extreme to look after our skin, but we do owe it to ourselves and our significant others to do some basics? I myself have been guilty of this, but I am going to share some basics I have found that work quite well. 



First off, lotion! You use it on your body, shouldn't you be using it on your face? A good face moisturizer goes a long way as they don't contain perfumes which can actually cause irritation to your face and eyes. I personally like to use the Nivea Men Energy Moisturizing Face Lotion Q10. It’s not terribly expensive and does a nice job on my face. Please note though that for each of us, our facial moisturizer needs will be different. You need to consider things like do you have dry skin or naturally oily skin. You also should consider using a face wash or scrub instead of a bar of soap or body wash. If you do these two simple things you will notice a difference in how your face feels and looks to you in the mirror. It’s by no way a magic bullet that will have you looking like movie star, but we only have one face so why not take care of it? If you wanted to take your face care regime a step further you could also include an eye cream to help reduce the look of dark circles. 



Now for the body, I find a good lotion that can be found in your average drug store works pretty much as well as some of the crazy expensive stuff you find online, but again this is for my skin. I usually lotion once a day after my shower and a tip to ensure maximum absorption that I found is to make sure your body is completely dry. A quick way to do this is after toweling off, give yourself a quick dry with a hair dryer (a blow job/dry if you will lol). It’s quick and ensures the lotion is not diluted with water. My favorite and again this is just my choice is Eucerin Advanced Body Repair Body Lotion. I find it to have a long lasting effect and it does not leave me feeling slimy.



With our skin properly lotioned up, we can slip on our favorite underwear from Body Aware and we are ready to start our day and your significant other will love how soft your skin feels as will you.

So until next time my friends, lotion up and stay sexy!

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