Should Men Wear More Lace?

Should Men Wear More Lace?

Men often stick to the same types of underwear materials when it comes to filling up their drawers. Most of the time it’s cotton, maybe with a pair of rayon or linen blends in there to mix it up. Though these types of underwear are just fine and do the job, it makes it seem like more of an afterthought, rather than an experience you can actually enjoy. One thing that most men might not consider incorporating into their collection, whether or not it’s due to them feeling like it will compromise their masculinity, is lace! 



We tend to only think of lace as a more feminine style, but there’s no reason why men can’t enjoy this sensual, irresistible style in their underwear. It’s such a breathable fabric, which would be perfect for warmer seasons. It’s like all of the softness (or more) of your favorite briefs, but with a little more room for a cool breeze to move through.


If you’re not quite ready to wear these out of the house, the breathability and comfort of lace underwear would make for perfect sleepwear. There are plenty of articles that show that your junk needs a little time to breathe anyway, so why not try to get comfortable with a pair of lace briefs by sleeping in them? The soft, floral designs will put you right at ease, give you a bit of breathing room for your slumber.


In conjunction with that, we’ve actually heard from quite a few of our customers that wearing lace helps them with battling stress and feeling more calm, overall. It’s something about the feminine nature of the material, in combination with the soft, breezy nature of a lace brief that puts them right at ease. A pair of lace underwear could be just what you need for when your days at work get a little stressful, or when you just need a moment to feel relaxed. If stress relief is as easy as wearing something lacy, then why not try it?


Lace shouldn’t just be worn by the ladies of the world. It’s a perfectly good material to be enjoyed by men, as well! It’s fashionable, soft, and creates a nice diversity in the kind of underwear a man owns. Those all sound like benefits, in my book.


Do you own any lace underwear? How do you feel about wearing lace? Let us know in the comments!

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I’ve got into lace this year and I love it I’m a straight male and I ditched ally cotton ones I feel calm in bed and sexy through the day and comfortable it’s like a second skin more men should wear lace I got nasty yeast infections from cotton and break outs now I don’t


When I was in my 20s I was a straight male dancer/ stripper I had worn lace on occasion and found that being a musician also under hot lights and sweating I would get sore until I decided to try lace now that I’m married and I wear a kilt most days of hot summers I find that lace works well for me and it’s also calming and also erotic but I feel better about myself as a straight man and my 79 year old wife loves me in things like this light weight and breathable and I feel sexy about myself for her I love to feel her I’m her silky lace why not the same I don’t like anything clingy on me I feel great


I’m straight and a model. Nothing wrong with lace – I have modelled lace boxers, see-through thongs etc. I’m told that gays wearing the same look feminine and a bit sissy. I am told that I rock the look and look masculine as only a straight guy who is in touch with his feminine side and loves women can. I take that every time


I am a straight male and I love the way lace panties fit, feel and look. Its a turn-on when I stop for a bio-break and see the beautiful style during breaks in the day. While my fiance’ knows and has spoken her acceptance of my wearing panties, I have not had the courage to allow her to see the lace panties that I wear. Most important thing to me is that there is enough stretch in the panty to cradle and support me. This can be accomplished by selecting materials that have a percentage of Spandex in them. Please note that it may take some time to find the right size and take the time to find and read for instance the waist size from the manufacturer. If you guess if a panty will fit you, you will likely be disappointed a few times until you figure it out.


I have multiple lace and other style/ thongs and wear them everyday they are very comfortable I have pairs that are for men and I wear my gf panties and she likes when I wear hers


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