Sheer Delight

It should be clear by now that sheer underwear for men is becoming more and more popular.  Whether it is lace or mesh or some other kind of fabric, there is a growing call for designers to create sheer designs for men.  What are some of the reasons to wear sheer underwear? Why do we like sheer fabrics?

I think there are a few ways to answer this question, some more obvious than others.  The first thing that comes to mind for me is comfort. A good quality sheer fabric is made with small pores which can actually provide great airflow.  Most of these fabrics, too, are made with nylon or nylon blends. Nylon has an incredibly stretchy quality to it and can provide a very comfortable, snug fit.  Coupled with the airflow provided by the pours, this can make for a nice feel, form-fitting and cool.

Sheer fabrics also provide a great deal of visual pleasure.  In my mind, a good sheer fabric can reveal and hide in equal proportions, are see-through but not totally.  Combined with a form-fitting fabric, this can really show off what you’ve got, in all the best ways. The snug-fitting fabric can do great things to reveal and lift your shape, and allowing anyone to see just enough but not everything is, let’s face it, a great turn on!

For me it all comes back to comfort – these snug-fitting, breathable fabrics are great for all-day wear and work well for a variety of activities.  You feel well supported, comfortable, and cool. And also confident, because even if no one sees you wearing your sheer undies, you know yourself just how good you look!

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What is impressive about sheer manties is that they are perfect for that humid, hot sticky day. They let you breath and reduces sweating in the region! A good support or enhancing component never hurts either!

Scott August 07, 2020

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