Newbie to Different Undies

Newbie to Different Undies

It's the adventurous ones who spice things up.

Many of us have loved the ones who have.


To be adventurous is always an option in life, especially when it comes to underwear. Trying out different underwear styles like thongs, tangas, and briefs compared to the basic boxer style of underwear can be challenging and a very ambitious change. Don’t let change scare you! If anything switching up your underwear collection may spice things up between you and your partner.

Talking from experience, my boyfriend has always been the type to own “comfortable,” loose fitting underwear. He had no intention of ever buying unique or colorful underwear in his life. Since discovering Body Aware, I had no idea how boundless men’s underwear can be.


I bought him the Waffle Knit Body Boxer in blue to be spontaneous and to introduce him to underwear he wouldn't normally buy himself. He was skeptical at first, but once the Body Boxer was on I could tell there was no going back to his boring loose boxers. He was more than pleased.

Being his partner, I was satisfied because his new underwear made him more attractive to me. Seeing as my underwear is unique I figured, why shouldn't his be?

Sine buying him the Waffle Knit Body Boxer, he seems to be more open minded about his underwear choices. I'm thinking of introducing him to a brief next. Then, maybe, a tanga like the Pure Satin Tanga! Who would've thought seeing my boyfriend in different underwear would also change my perspective on underwear.


It certainly has heated things up in the bedroom. Have you gone through a transition in underwear styles before or was it your partner that went through one? Did it spice things up for your relationship? Was it awkward?

I've got to admit it will be strange to see my boyfriend in a brief let alone a thong. However, we have since decided to venture into new adventures like our underwear choices.

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Wow, love your blog! So happy to see a woman reshaping her man’s underwear preferences! The world should have more women like you who accept the great Body Aware offerings of underwear or as I like to call them, manties! I am glad he is on board and I am sure your sex life has heated up as a result! And I hope he shares the same open mind and creative approach by gifting you some nice panties, bras and/or lingerie sets!


For me, I will try anything and I have, I love sexy underwear of all types, both men’s and women’s. A thong or g-string is fun to wear as long as it is big enough, not tight around waist, legs or crotch. They can have cute patterns, colors and materials, so try it first, if you don’t like it keep looking


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