Men + Leggings, Whoa or No!?

Men + Leggings, Whoa or No!?

Running errands the other day, I decided to take the scenic route and drive along the ocean. There is a bike path that follows the coast line and you can see the cyclists as they ride. One of the riders was all decked out in his yellow and black skin tight biking outfit. He looked fantastic in his gear and it got me thinking... Why do men have to be dressed for exercise to enjoy the feeling of leggings? We see men wearing them when cycling, swimming, (think full body wet suits), dancing, and running. But why do we have to be exercising to enjoy leggings? The fact is, we don't. Men can wear leggings any time they want. It's all about confidence. 


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Leggings feel amazing and it's about time you started enjoying the feeling of wearing them. I think one of the biggest stigmas in our society is worrying about what other people think. I'm in my forties and it's taken me 30 years to realize that 99% of people are so wrapped up in their own lives that they could care less what you're wearing. And the 1%? The heck with them. Why live your life worrying about what people you don't even know think of you?

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Do leggings make you feel good? Do you love the way the feel? Then wear them. Wear them to the mall, running errands, doing stuff around the house, working on the car, mowing the lawn. Feeling great in what you're wearing makes even the most mundane of tasks just that much more fun. If you're worried about them revealing too much of your boys then throw on a pair of shorts or a long t-shirt.

But PLEASE whatever you do, don't wear them with a headband and leg warmers. That look was terrible even in the 80's.

Hope you have an amazing week trying out leggings!


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Never knew so many guys wear leggings proudly. I’ve been wearing them for years they’re sssooo comfortable.They are great for cycling when it’s a bit cold out being that I live in the Midwest USA, they are quite handy and I could so care less what anyone thinks if u don’t like it don’t look and if u have it and want to flaunt it do it.


Leggings is just cover legs as men can wear that help muscle smooth plus need changed from boring old trousers that outdated so leggings look nice change in fashion I do wear leggings as it my very comfortable to wear leggings as it feel good


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