Making WFH Spicy!

Making WFH Spicy!

I had a Zoom meeting today.  I know what you are thinking, we all did.  But this one I turned into a fun game for myself.  By all appearances, I looked like I always do to my colleagues.  I had on a nice button-down shirt and looked pretty straight-laced and professional.  Little did they know that short of the shirt, all I was wearing was my favorite satin thong (in dusky pink).  Obviously, this didn’t appear on the screen, but it was fun little game and treat for myself.  It’s been a difficult transition for all of us, working from home and living this new life with the novel coronavirus.  I have found one perk that I really love, and it’s that I get to spend the whole day in my underwear! I know I’m not alone in this and wondered afterward if any of my colleagues were hiding the same kind of secret.

Before all these incredible changes to our daily lives kicked in, a few days a week I would work in a pretty informal, academic setting.  I am not a particularly formal dresser and don’t even own a suit, but nonetheless office life expects a presentation that isn’t necessarily what I am about.  A good day for me means staying home and wearing only my underwear and a t-shirt. On some of these days, I might even wear several pairs of undies, changing as the day goes along.  And the great thing now is that I get to do this every day of the week!

I can also say that the lady in my life loves this too, and does nothing but encourage me to model my favorite undies for her all day.  She was a little less inclined to prance around the house in her panties all day, but it didn’t take too much convincing. Now both of us are working from home and working together in our undies.  It’s been a wonderful way for us to share some fun things together again and reconnect without the typical pressures of life in the office. I like to tease her when she is having an online meeting, make sure she can see me in a nice thong or some sexy briefs while she is trying to get something done with her colleagues.

Some say things will never be the same after this pandemic.  I don’t mean to make light of a difficult situation, but also know that now more than ever we all need to find ways to feel comfortable and less stressed.  And you never know, maybe thongs will become the new office casual? Regardless, I have been asking myself will I ever be able to work in real clothes again?

Signing off for now!


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These unprecedented times have been made bearable with Body Aware to keep me together. My colleagues have no idea what is going on under the Zoom camera! I have had “manties” on for many a work meeting or Happy Hour. My favorite is the Iridescent Satin Tanga or the Lace Brief! So SEXY! The way Body Aware feels on me makes me feel more confident and more sexy. My wife loves them as well! She loves to “play” across from me while I am on these calls and I cannot wait for the call to end as she is ready to go! Looking or the glossy sating tanga in red (or any color) but it has been sold out for weeks! Sad….


I agree 1000% !!!!
We’re doing the same !
Especially in my favorite BA sexy wear!


I like to make the best of a bad situation so I have been working in my panties too (of course). I place a high value on what I wear, so I only wear see through. When I work, whether at home or at the office, I wear bikini panties, and reserve the thongs for going out. Two weeks ago, the office girl had to come by to get my signature, and I begrudgingly had to dress. When she was here, I had to go to my home office for something, and while I was away she started rooting through my laundry basket. She’s young, immature, sarcastic, a smart aleck. When I came back, she was grinning and holding up a pair of thong panties. She said, “You must be so small if this is the size of your underwear.” I was embarrassed and felt my face get hot. I don’t think I said anything intelligible, just walked past her and opened the door. After she left, I became a little angry at having my manhood slighted and feeling helpless to set the record straight, and worse I knew that my panties would become common knowledge in her circle in the office. The gods smiled at me because she had to come around again three days later. One reason I reserve thongs for going out is that putting them on excites me. Sometimes just thinking about them excites me, not what I want at work. Well, I put on a white thong, and greeted her at the door wearing my short robe. She was smiling as she came in while I signed something else. Well, I invited her to sit down for a minute and have some tea. While sitting, I let the robe open most of the way. She couldn’t help but stare. I made a show of trying to cover myself several times while she tried to make conversation. I finally got her to leave and knew that since she enjoyed the show, she was involved as much as I was and not likely to gossip as much about my choice of underwear or what she thinks that infers about my size. Anyways, my BA panties made my isolation much more bearable. Thank you BA.


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