Let's Talk Underwear - Part 3

Let's Talk Underwear - Part 3

Hi Everybody!

Spring is here!! I can feel it in the air. It is that time of year when things start to change. Here in Arizona, that means quite a bit of pollen!

With all the pollen and dust it is no better time to do some spring cleaning. As I was going through some items here at the office I came across some vintage catalogs from the late 80s to mid-90s. Wow, how things have changed!!

Looking at these artifacts of the past it is truly incredible to see how far we have all come. Firstly, looking at the designs of the time, we can see how we have evolved fashion-wise. I see quite a bit of similarity to what we do today and some drastic differences. Specifically, I saw a side slit on a pair of shorts that looks exactly like what we do now.

Secondly, it is interesting to see how the models groomed and styled themselves back then. While hairstyles may have changed we can see a difference when it comes to body art and accessories. 

The last thing that jumped out at me was the catalog itself. That was the way of things. Pre-internet. No online ordering or emails. Sending checks and money orders in the mail. No online banking and balancing a checkbook. How was customer service accomplished? I assume over the phone, but with no electronic record. I can only imagine reading an angry letter as opposed to an angry email!

That last part blew my mind. We are so used to instant connection, and it is great no doubt. But I do wonder if it has made us somewhat less civilized. The act of actually writing a letter to communicate. It is a very personal thing. Now we fire off emails quickly and coldly. 

On the underwear front, we received more Gossamer Strings this past week. I am working on getting those up on the website for sale very soon! I know we have them a new orange color, as well as some, restock of a previous color! On a personal note, I always think of this style as the Mark-Paul Gossamer String! Haha, not even close I know, but it just always makes me laugh.

Do you have any styles from the 80s or 90s you wish made a comeback? Or maybe you remember some laughable style that you regrettably wore! Does that era of fashion and style still influence you today?

Thanks for reading and joining us today! Leave a comment, questions, or anything!

Stay well and I'll catch you on the flip side!



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Great blog post! Enjoy the retro spin on things and surely understand the changes that have happened from yesteryear! Manscaping being the first thing that comes to mind! Ugh, get rid of that nasty hair! Trim it up and make it easy to have fun with! Both partners can enjoy the trimmed regions equally! Styles surely have changed and Body Aware (and sister company XDress) have helped change the mindset. I would LOVE to franchise this company! I know a few locations that would thrive on a brick and mortar! Anyone interested in an IPO for these places?


I was looking for some old records in my file cabinet and found a folder called “pending.” I found 3 old catalogues from International Male (1979, 1980, and 1981) they were in mint condition. Looked at all of the styles and thought, “wow, styles have changed!” Just wish I had a couple pair of the short shorts! Levi


Some of the string bikini styles from the 80’s where fun. And I remember a thong style that had contrasting material wrapped around the elastics (in this case a black thong with white pipping) that had a y-front opening. Business in the front party in the back.


Hi there I used to love the wet look briefs that you used to sell I always felt very attractive wearing them preferring the higher waist than the low cut that seems to be preferred now


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