Let's Talk Underwear - Part 2

Let's Talk Underwear - Part 2
Hi Everybody!

I hope that whatever time or position you find yourself in when reading this that you are doing well.

So what's the scuttlebutt?

Ok, show of hands, who knows what scuttlebutt actually means? I think many of you might know what this means but I had to ask!

I had to bring this up because I was literally at the water cooler this morning and asked that to the photo team staff. They looked at me like I was just making up words! Luckily the boss overheard this conversation and confirmed my usage was correct. Thank goodness!

This got me thinking. What are some other terms or idioms we use that we take for granted that others know? I think of “Don't look a gift horse in the mouth” or “Don't upset the apple cart”. There always seems to be a family member or close friend that is, or was, always providing these little quips throughout childhood and into adulthood actually. I guess I am turning into that person!

I thought most people would know these but as I use them I find that is not always the case. Leave a comment below with some of your favorite idioms or sayings if you have some good ones that you think are unique or plain.

This all came about as our office watercooler has actually been moved. We are making some changes and doing some painting and reorganizing of the warehouse here. That includes all of our shipping and receiving as well as the communal areas of the office.

Painters painting in Body Aware's facilityPainters putting the final touches on a wall at Body Aware

So that means that now I can converse with the photo team whenever I need a drink. I am sure they will be thrilled when this is all over.

With that all being said, I can say I am quite tired of moving, sorting, organizing, and planning. We are halfway done, and the end result will be spectacular. So I will keep it going back here in my temporary desk amongst the stacks and stacks of underwear. I am counting this as my spring cleaning for the year.

In terms of new products, I do want to tell everyone that we have a super limited edition line coming out soon. You might have noticed the first taste of this line with the Iridescent Soiree String, which sold out in two days! It’s always best to be quick once a new design arrives!

A new thong and brief that won't last long!

I also wanted to let you know we just received this fabric in a thong style as well as a full back brief. This is a single-run production so once they are gone that is it! Quantities are limited so for our friends across the pond I need to apologize but these will be sold exclusively on the US site.

A detail shot of this awesome new fabric.

So if you like that fabric that was on that string but you missed out then stay tuned there is more to come!

Leave a question or comment below. I really appreciated the responses we received the first time around.

I'll catch you on the flip side.


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Body Aware pushed the envelope all the time! Love this company! Stay sexy and stay on the forefront of men’s underwear fashion! Love to invest in a brick and mortar with you!


A phrase used in my early early growing up. Age around 10, I want to say. “ Get a sniff of this”. Then it meant “ Check this out!” 2day I won’t even go there as to how it would be interpreted. Love the men’s things. Styles of course are varied to suit the multiple preferences men have. Don’t always love the prices, but everything in the stores these days are erecting higher and higher. Calm it down somebody Robert San Diego


In keeping with how quickly the new match will be gone (scored me something new) and the use of an idiom you don’t want to be “a day late and a dollar short”😀. I seriously can’t get enough of your products, amazing stuff you have here.


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