Let's Talk Underwear - Part 1

Let's Talk Underwear - Part 1

Hi Everybody!

My name is John and welcome to Body Aware!

I hope that whatever time or position you find yourself in when reading this that you are doing well.

Anybody that has followed our blogs over the last year or so might have noticed we have been lacking in content. Lacking as in it totally stopped.

It is not that we didn't care or that we didn’t want to provide that content, we were simply just swamped! With all the goings-on in the world over the last few years, things have been ever-changing here at Body Aware too. Everyone around the office has been working their tails off to keep products coming in, making sure photos and videos are being created, and of course, new and fun designs are being produced.

Organic cotton thong design
A few sketches of some recent underwear designs.

We have always cherished the community we serve and interact with, but the production of blog posts, while important, unfortunately, had to be put on the back burner in favor of other duties.

That brings me here, to today and now. Rather than spending time outside of the office trying to create content for this blog, we are going to create a new blog series that will be focusing more on what is going on at Body Aware.

I will be talking about new arrivals, new ideas and concepts, the trials and tribulations of being an underwear provider, and of course I want to share some of the fun behind-the-scenes things that go on too.

I wanted to post this as soon as possible to just get the ball rolling. I always like it when I read something and can hear the author's real voice. To me, this is when it stops sounding like an internet article and sounds more like the voice of a friend. A friend just saying hi and telling you something that is hopefully interesting.

fabric swatches for underwear
Fabric swatches for future underwear manufacturing.

This is the voice I hope to share with you all and is the general goal of this series moving forward.

If you feel so inspired please leave a comment! We read them all and as I said before, we really do like communicating and interacting with our community!

There are a lot of new things happening here and I can't wait to really get started.

What is it that they say, 'A journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step' or something? Well, I don't know about a 1,000-mile journey, but I am excited to take the first step! Let's go!


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Body Aware and XDress are always so supportive of ideas. Send them along in the blog and they typically can help create! Very fun company and all supply chain challenges aside, we need to keep pushing the envelope with male “panties”. You’d be surprised how many “straight” friends love panties. And we are onto a revolution! Satin is supreme! I only wish we had more of it! (Like the mesh and lace and cotton but satin is just so much more femme/sexy!)


Thank you so much for the series of articles and the trip down memory lane.


I’ve been a loyal customer of yours . However I feel that the g-strings barely ever come in XXL or at least are always sold out. You used to sell them and was never a problem but it would appear that us bigger guys are being forgotten about .
At least maybe give us the option of ordering from the states.

Simon B

The biggest issue (pun intended) I have with your products and most other brands is a lack of choice in pouch sizes. I don’t know why your industry ignores this issue, but I find it ridiculous that this issue remains unaddressed. Even manufacturers who claimed to offer larger pouches have been pathetic with their actual production offerings. Perhaps because most products are made overseas, sizing production quality control is lacking industry wide. You might consider offering a pouch size option with your products. I suspect that if you could actually achieve that in production, and customers were made aware of that option, sales would skyrocket.


Looking forward to whatever comes next, I am so impressed with this product line, I thought the organic cotton would be my go to, but after exploring the full line, I’ve discovered I’m a huge fan of lace, satin, and mesh as well. Being able to see your process, premiering new products, creating a community all very cool. Thanks for the best underwear I’ve ever owned.


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