Leggings and Tights

Leggings and Tights

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Dear Readers, I like to do a lot of yoga and often find myself struck by the differences in attire for men and women.  Pretty much universally, women wear leggings and men wear shorts or sweatpants. I am curious how this all came about?  Leggings and tights make perfect sense to me – they stretch with your movements, and they help your muscles stay warm and flexible.  Shorts and baggy sweatpants, on the other hand, can bunch-up and get in the way. I think something similar can be said of swimwear – the common expectations are that women wear something form-fitting and men something baggy.

To me none of this makes sense.  I like wearing form-fitting clothes!  I swim laps to keep fit, and nothing is worse than baggy swim shorts – and nothing better than a nice swim brief.  I’ve liked wearing tights and leggings for a long time. Back when I was a kid I’d play dress-up and try on my mom’s tights and pantyhose.  This didn’t last long as I grew older, but when I became more athletic and started cross-country skiing and running, I found I really enjoyed wearing form-fitting tights in the winter – they are great for supporting your movement and keeping your legs warm!

For women, leggings today are high fashion and no longer just for the yoga studio.  I for one would like to see more legging options for men! I haven’t gotten to the point in which I will wear leggings out in public, but often wear them around the house.  Like many other form-fitting clothes, that can make me feel really good about myself. I find a good quality fabric that fits snuggly makes you more aware of your body which in turn can result in more confidence and pride (and encourage you to work out a bit more!).

I won’t tell a lie, even as an adult my interest in wearing nice tights and leggings has led me to try some products made for women.  The styles available to women still far exceed those readily available and acceptable for men – thigh highs, fishnets, etc. – but at the end of the day, however, this isn’t what I want.  I want tights and leggings made for men, with a man’s body shape in mind.  And I want leggings or tights that work well for both the gym and a night out!  I want something that feels right for my body, and is practical, comfortable, useful, and sexy!

What do you all think?

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I have been wearing leotards and tights since a boy. My mother dressed me the same as my 3 sisters in black leotard and tights and ever since I wear them every day


I’m a man in my 30s and my entire life I’ve been infatuated by spandex, leotards, etc. I secretly bought a one piece women’s swimsuit and women’s leggings, and I loved wearing the swimsuit over the leggings. My wife found out by accident one time, and her acceptance led me to expanding my collection to about 10 pairs of leggings/tights, and 6 leotards/one piece swimsuits.
Don’t know if I’ll ever wear anything in public, but I regularly sleep in a leotard and leggings now and it feels fantastic. If it’s ever excessively cold, they also make fantastic base layers! I dearly wish tight/compression wear was more socially acceptable for men, it’s incredibly comfortable and I love the feel/look.


It feels so nice to be in warm and snug leotard and tights. I’m not imitating nor competing with women wearing them and feel a male in leotards, bright color or plain dark color, they can feel and look good on a guy too. Many romantic women do like seeing a decent shape male in them also and especially helping him out of them, before a nice warm bath together or at bedtime.


I’ll wear a Speedo swimsuit as underwear also, if not swimming. When swimming, I like being in only speedo style snug and secure swimwear and they do feel great, even as spring or summertime underwear. No male should be ashamed wearing them, especially if he’s in good shape. Many both men and women at times, don’t like seeing a guy in a speedo, but many guy’s in those baggy board shorts are quietly wishing they were wearing a nice fitting and great feeling speedo style swimsuit instead of those boring board shorts. I’ve worn those speedos as underwear, when at the doctor’s for a complete physical exam and the doctor(female) and nurses like them on me before undressing, then slowly stripping off those sexy speedos, while getting ready for my physical examination y the lady doctor.


I’ve been wearing compression tights for years now and I’m 65. It started back in the 70s when I had a skiing accident and actually stretched all my blood vessels in my right lower leg. I was young then so I bounced back went skiing the next day though it was soar but I was on vacation and I wasn’t having it ruined. Fast forward that accident has come back to haunt me all these years later. I thought I was going to have to quite working in construction. Then came physio and low and behold she says wear compression so I have been ever since and it helps with the pain. Besides that I like how everything is together and comfortable and above all easy to move in. All these years building houses with Jeans and freezing half to death I only wish I could frame homes wearing compression you wouldn’t be half as tired and you’d be comfortable so wear the damn things it’s a piece of clothing and guess what we are men and men have bulges on the lower half women have it on the top half build a bridge get over it. All the people out the sexualizing these things are the problem not the wearers of said garments. Men use to wear tight clothing for decades and guess what they had bulges as well. WEAR THEM


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