Laundry Lines

Laundry Lines

I’ve been into collecting and experimenting with underwear for quite a long time now, since the mid-1990s.  I’ve tried a lot of different styles, and once I found how I wanted to express myself using undies I really became a collector.  I have good underwear in my drawer!  

An American friend of mine lived in Italy for a few years.  She was a huge fan of lingerie and eager to share with anyone.  I remember she once told me that all Italians wear good underwear. Her theory?  Laundry lines. When you hang your laundry outside for the world to see, you want them all to know you as a proud human being who values beauty and self-expression.

I can say too that one of my favorite things about having a good underwear collection is hanging it out to dry.  Not many people get to see me in my thongs and bikinis, but everyone gets to see that I do wear them. That feels fun and playful to me, and also makes me feel proud and more confident in knowing that my love of underwear is nothing that needs to be hidden or be ashamed of.  I am out and proud in my love of thongs, satin, and Latin American briefs!

Tell me, short of that special someone(s), how do you like to display your best underwear?

Signing off!


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Although I do not have a clothes hanger in my backyard, I would proudly hang my Body Aware garments on the line to dry if I had one! We need to celebrate our diversity and differences and accept each person as a unique individual regardless of their perceived perverse habits, like wearing stylish Body Aware manties! I wear mine to the gym and sometimes get strange looks form the other guys but I could care less! They make me feel special and confident! The women at the strip club I go to love them! They think Body Aware is a great product and they often ask me for the website so they can visit. They also comment how boring others are with their underwear. We talk about the different styles that like and what they would like to see me in. Very liberating to have these discussions. Thanks Body Aware!


I too hang my skimpy underwear out on the line. Just something about hang them out there , maybe kinda of rush, plus they dry quicker too. Kinda funny one time the neighbor lady walked over say hello just as I was hanging my jockstrap on the line. I must have turned 100 shades of red at the time. I think it surprised her and slightly embarrassed me !! I guess its all fun until the neighbor lady catches you hanging your jock. Lol!


I wear my lingerie to swingers parties. The girls love it and the guys too. Most men are too shy to do this.
I also wear a thong at the beach and my little satin Bodyaware shorts to and from the beach.
Everyone loves my confidence and I pity their dull restraint force onto them by society.
Wear what makes you feel sexy, clothes dont determine your sex! Be free!


I too have a terrific underwear collection. No laundry line but I enjoy showing them off in the locker room. Most guys at my gym wear decent underwear but still lots of worn, baggy styles. I wish I could help them pick out more flattering styles.


I love sexy boxers. I just lost 90lbs. I bought some sexy underwear from BodyAware… My Package wasn’t big enough to fill out the pouch! Makes me feel so sad.


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