Lace... The Valentine's Day Frontier!

Lace... The Valentine's Day Frontier!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner why not spice things up by wearing a sexy pair of lace underwear for your special someone or for yourself. Now I know what you are thinking, and yes men can wear lace. In fact, it is an amazing choice for a few reasons. It breathes beautifully and unlike a standard cotton, rayon or spandex mix it lets the air in helping to keep your boys cool. For me, I also have to say I find it exciting knowing that I am not following societies' so called norm and it is exhilarating and to a degree freeing.



A nice lace pair of underwear like those found at Body Aware also feel beautiful against your skin. I will admit, I was nervous to try lace the first time but after slipping into them and wearing them for a while I had to wonder where had lace been all my life? Now Body Aware carries some of the best lace underwear I have ever seen and something like The New Lace Brazilian Brief is an excellent starter pair.  Coming in 3 colors and with its lighter weight lace you won’t even notice you’re wearing them except for the sumptuous feeling of lace against your cheeks caused by the Brazilian styled back.

Now if you want to take your first dive into wearing lace a little slower give the Stretchy Lace Brief a try. With its Polyester/Spandex blend the fabric feels amazingly soft and the beautiful lace detailing on the hip area allows you to slowly wade into the land of lace without feeling you dove in without a life jacket.



Another pair that I feel needs to be mentioned and feels oh so sexy on is the Color-Pop Lace Brief. The coral and nude color lace make these stunningly sexy and with its soft stretchy lace you won’t want to take them off. The center seam in the back will also help show off your ass-sets (wink wink).

A favorite of mine that I include in my everyday rotation is the Space Dye Lace Thong. I find the colors to be fun and the lace thong back is something that just has to be experienced to understand. I dare you to try a pair and tell me you don’t like them!  What I also love about these is that they have a seamless pouch so it maximizes the lace to skin contact and wow it feels good.



Body Aware has helped to make sexy lace accessible to men and I want to say a special thank you to them for helping me to continue my quest in being comfortable in my sexuality! We deserve to wear what makes us feel good and what makes us feel sexy.

Before I sign off though I have to know if you could design something lace to wear what would it be? I would love to see maybe a sexy lace short or leggings that I could lounge in.

Until next time my friends, have a happy Valentine’s Day and remember to give lace a try!


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