How to Get Alone Time

How to Get Alone Time

We have all had a lot of time on our hands these days. I have not left my basement office for 151 days.  The quarantine has been lifted but the travel bans persist in my region and for my company.  As an outside salesperson, I am a road warrior.  Live it and love it.  I used to spend 70-80 nights in a hotel for a year. My girlfriend is in the same position. Despite a few socially distanced dinners with friends, an occasional golf outing, or running errands, we are together all the time.

We have watched Netflix's entire data center’s worth of material. We have cooked great meals together and discovered new recipes.  We have walked our dog.  We have had lots of sex.  We have had a lot of WE.

Which got me to thinking about alone time.  The time you get, by yourself, to decompress, chill, not talk, not think, overthink or just be you. And these are the days that are hard to come by in a pandemic.  I used to get that alone time when I traveled for work or on the commute.  Now it is hard to come by.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my girlfriend and I love spending time with her.  We survived, or are surviving, a pandemic together! 

So, I was thinking about what things I used to do when I was alone and came away with the top 3:

Hotel Pool: I would go to the bar and grab a cocktail or a few beers. Head to my room and change into my Patriot Swim Trunk from Body Aware.  It hugs the curves of my body nicely. I would then go to the pool and swim 20 laps. Then I would grab my drink and chill in the hot tub and jam a few tunes.  It was the perfect end to a stressful day on the road.  

Cleaning: I love to clean. I mean LOVE it! My girlfriend runs Saturday morning errands while I clean and I have two hours at minimum alone.  I start by putting on a classic album and play it all the way through. Who listens to full albums? I do, especially when I clean! I then put on a pair of manties.  The style varies depending on mood but this week had me in the Body Aware Sleek Print Satin Boxer.  I dance around and clean and love the feeling of being alone! Especially with my Body Aware on!

Football:  My girlfriend does not like football. She watches the playoffs but not the regular season.  Often I go to a bar and watch it with a few friends but the latest games are always at home and always alone.  I grab a few beers and head to the basement tv.  I like being semi-naked so I strip into the Body Aware Valentina Brief and cheer for my team!  This brief so so stylish and sexy.

So, there it is! The Alone List. I hope you all are staying safe in the crazy times! And please, wear a mask!

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed my blog!


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