How to be Bold

How to be Bold

Summer’s here and it's time to shine!

So we are out of the box and ready to get back to normal and this summer promises to be the perfect time to redo your summer apparel!  What will you wear to the next pool party? BBQ? Beach? I say if hibernation taught us anything it was the ability to break out and show off yourself!

First, let’s start with the norm. Headed to a casual gathering and it's likely khaki cargo shorts, some lame t-shirt, and probably sandals with socks.  At the beach it is probably some suit that covers half your legs and has some mesh lining that is sure to make your butt itch after a period of time.  The pool party will have some similar suit and outfit as well.  And when you hit the gym this summer (yes, they are open again), you will no doubt be wearing your baggy shorts and some t-shirt from some give away or a road race you ran in 2017.  Why do men want to cover themselves up? 

It’s the new world and the new norm. Live free or die is our new motto and we should embrace all of ourselves as we re-enter the world.  Be bold.  Be beautiful. Be free! 

If quarantine taught me anything, it is that I need a new style that is bold and reflects my personality.  The sweatpants or shorts worn on my zoom calls do not belong in the live world. Nor do some of the t-shirts or even dress or golf shirts that I wore that past year. In fact, I recommend donating all of it to charity and starting over! I also recommend manscaping or better yet, waxing!  Embrace your manhood! Be different!

For me, the baggy cargo shorts are no longer a part of my wardrobe. Too baggy and too long and not defining my assets at all.  My next casual gathering will be with style and class.  I would wear the plum Vintage Shorts with a nice white seersucker shirt and a pair of flip flops (pool party) or boat shoes (graduation).  They accentuate your buttocks and when combined with the casual white shirt the look is fresh and fun.  And these days, why should women have all the fun showing themselves off when men have just as good of attributes?  Not convinced? See the fashion blogs, men are wearing more daring and revealing outfits.  Show off your gym work! You earned it!  And if daring or confident enough, pair with a nice T-shirt Bodysuit and add the same shirt.  The bodysuit will define your chest better which will surely be noticed!  Guaranteed!

The lamest thing about swimwear is just the design.  Too much fabric and often a mesh lining.  Do you not hate the mesh lining? No matter what you do after swimming, the wet mesh inevitably causes an itch in all regions of your privates and you spend the better portion of your pool/beach party scratching you butt or worse, your privates.  I’m uncomfortable just thinking about it! And the long inseam? Why do I have legs if I can't show them off? Stop with the cover up for the sake of SPF protection!  Lower the inseam, expose those legs and lube up on SPF50 if needed! And none of these show off your derrière.  If you want to go bold, try out the newest Lined Tanga or Thong Swimsuit.

Why not try something new? I recently escaped to Miami over the late Spring and decided to try the Dazzling Satin Contrast Brief in Orange and Blue as a swimsuit and when I hit the pool and not only did it fit and define me perfectly, it also drew many compliments.  It also dried quickly and I wasn’t left with the “itch”.  I was also impressed with the way it fit me. Form-fitting and super comfortable.  The shiny satin was eye-catching as well and the contrasting orange/blue was amazing!  Of course I did the broker but I am certain the brief or thong would turn just as many heads!

As for the gym, I have rejoined and love the motivation I receive from other motivated people. Especially a woman in tight leggings running on the tread in front of me! (Wink!)  I can run longer, lift more and have more stamina.  I gave up on traditional men’s gym attire years ago. The baggy shorts, the mesh lining and the unflattering t-shirts from some road race of yesteryear are no longer part of the repertoire.  Try the Athleisure Short or the lined Rip-Stop Short when you go to the gym motivated and ready to exercise.  They are quick drying and fitting nicely.  The colors pop and make you stand out and define your man parts nicely!  Since taking up yoga, they are also very functional and covering of you while you downward dog.  

So, the summer is upon us and we are out of quarantine.  Will you dare to be adventurous? Change your style from the old way to a more daring and fun way? Or will you revert to the status quo of pre-quarantine?  I dare to live boldly and move forward in living color.  I hope you do too!

Stay Safe and colorful!


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I highly recommend wearing the briefest panties to the pool or beach for the most exciting and daring experience, not to mention the attention.


Great post! Traditional, baggy gym clothes are just not cutting it anymore. Give me leggings for warm up, some vintage gym shorts for workout, and the bodysuit all day long! The feel of the fabric holding close to the body you are exercising brings a new life to all things – from workout to poolside to casually hanging out with friends. Let them talk, I say – it’s time to embrace me.


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