How I Discovered Lace

It wasn’t too long ago that lace underwear for men seemed really cutting edge and transgressive, but now I am frequently surprised by how many designers are making lace underwear for men.  As with all things underwear, Body Aware was ahead of the curve.  In looking at their web archives, I found them making lace underwear and panties for men 15 years ago, long before more mainstream internet retailers were selling them.

I probably discovered lace myself 15 years ago, but it took me quite a while before I bought any lace undies.  I am sure many men got into these things the same way I did, by trying on women’s panties.  And this was how I first starting wearing lace.  I would pull things from my girlfriend’s drawers and try them on myself.  Back in these early days, lace was of particular interest, probably largely because there was nothing like this for men back then (at least on my radar).

Maybe I’m alone in thinking this way, but I’m inclined to think I am not with these early experiments. My girlfriend’s lace panties seemed particularly sexually charged.  More than the other things I found in her panty drawers, lace seemed so feminine.  I also loved the feel of the fabric against my skin.  The soft, smooth and textured surface felt so nice to touch, and I’ve also loved the transparency of it.  Teasingly, good lace both reveals and hides in equal proportions.  And wearing something that seemed so feminine felt transgressive and exciting!

Well, a lot has changed since then.  I no longer need to try on my girlfriend’s panties.  Everything I found there that caught my attention are now in my own drawers, and freely made and marketed for men around the world.  The first time I bought some lace undies for myself was probably 8 years ago.  It still felt transgressive, and I kept them in the back of my drawer to hide them from my partner.  But I loved wearing them when I was home alone.  It felt subversive, exciting, and sexy. 

The semi-transparent fabric was feminine, but also masculine as there was no denying what lay behind those delicate floral patterns.  Slowly, I accepted them more for myself, and now have a partner that loves to share in these kinds of things with me.  Lace isn’t a large part of my collection, but I’ve kept some nice lace panties around for myself for many years now.  I still love the feel of the smooth and textured fabric on my skin.  If you haven’t given yourself permission to wear a bit of lace, I urge you to give it a try, and the Body Aware Lace Cheeky Short and Brief is a great place to start.  And if you wear lace, I not only hope you’ll share your experiences here but also proudly share it around.  It’s normal and healthy for men to wear lace and the more that we know this the better!

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Just bought the Valentine brief, feels so good and naughty on under my man clothes, plus my boyfriend loves me in them!

Ed August 08, 2020

Body Aware does it again! I too started with the women’s version and love the way they felt. So happy to have found Body Aware and their “manties”. So much fun! My partner is intrigued each time I receive a package! I cannot wait to show her that lace version! Wish they came in a few more fun colors!

Scott August 04, 2020

Lace should indeed be for men. I wear it all the time. I feel great and naughty and empowered wearing it Wear something pretty today, i am

Stevie August 02, 2020

I also discovered my favorite panties by appropriating ones meant for women. Thirty years ago, that was the only source I knew of. I used to buy them at the self check out because of embarrassment. Thank goodness those days are gone and we can buy truly sexy panties meant for guys. Will there ever be a brick and mortar Body Aware store like a Victoria’s Secret? Buying panties there would be such a liberating and sexy experience. Interacting with like-minded guys would be a dream.

Gregory July 30, 2020

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