The Best Underwear Christmas Gifts for Men, from Satin Boxers to Sensuous Briefs

Without a doubt, 2020 will go down in history as one of the strangest, most challenging, and craziest years in living memory. With new shelter-in-place orders going into effect around the country, this Christmas will be quite different. And while we might have to be away from our families, friends and loved ones, that doesn't mean we won't celebrate it.

Seeing that we can't have Christmas without presents – I mean, we can, but where's the fun in that? The pressure is on. Because finding the ideal gift for that special, tasteful guy in your life can be a challenge and, ho, ho, ho, so stressful! I should know! I'm that guy.

So, heed this, a worthy gift doesn't need to be pricey to impress. But it must be thoughtful. Something you know will appeal to his eye and something you know he can easily incorporate into his daily routine. Besides, what better way to make him think of you on a day-to-day basis? Under those circumstances,' underwear is the perfect Christmas gift. 

But hold your reindeers; instead of rushing to purchase underwear based on accessibility and price, make a considered purchase based on quality and comfort, like Body Aware's cutting edge designs. Since the beginning, they have always provided leadership, innovation, and vision in the men's underwear department. With that in mind, take a look at this list; I hope it will help you find the right style for him. If you get it right, he will show it off as soon as he opens it. 


Let him flaunt if he's got it with the Unicorn String. The unique design of this enhancement string will boost his stamina. The adjustable strip easily wraps around his jewels; simultaneously, the g-string displays his ass nicely. 


If your man is involved in any outdoor or physical activity, the Scuba Short is the goodie for him. These soft and smooth shorts feature two discreet side zipper pockets to store all his junk – pun intended. 

For the man that's confident in his own skin, the Torso Twister Bodysuit is an excellent stocking stuffer idea. This classic wrestler suit, revamped with contrasting light blue 'V' in the front and sides, is the workout gear he didn't know he needed.


If your man isn't afraid to show off his best assets, this Fishnet Snap Pouch Brief is for him. The wide mesh pattern not only provides an intriguing design, but the detachable front pouch also provides the opportunity for you to help him unwrap this present on Christmas night.


Replace his boring tighty-whities with the festive Tartan Thong. Whether he wears it with his Santa hat or under the mistletoe, this form-fitting Plaid Thong is a holiday-must have. 


Set the mood for a passionate time with your man with this Satin Body Boxer. They're sexy, subtle, but most importantly, super comfortable! While they're soft enough for him to wear under his work clothes, the pouch's satin lining is provocative enough that every move he makes will remind him of the sensual underwear he's wearing. 

If you're someone that prefers to leave no room for imagination, put your man - or yourself, on the Mesh Mini Brief. This slinky micromesh brief made from a barely there sheer mesh will make him look like he's almost naked. You're welcome. 

When your guy opens up his present and he’s thrilled with it, don't forget to thank me. But if he hates it; I didn't have anything to do with it. Wink, wink! -  Jorge Gallegos @manchic 

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Deck the balls with silky satin! Fa la la la la…..Very nice blog and fantastic recommendations! I agree that underwear, especially Body Aware Underwear, is a perfect Christmas gift! The choices above are sure to delight. I would maybe add the Satin Joggers to the list as they are a very nice addition and very fitting for wearing while opening your other gifts on Christmas morning!


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