Going Commando: The Good and the Stinky

Going Commando: The Good and the Stinky

Wearing underwear is pretty habitual, for most of us. However, there are plenty of people who also enjoy the thrill of having nothing on under their pants. I mean, it’s like having a thrilling little secret under your jeans, right? I can get behind that. However, it’s not all daisies and rainbows and unicorns (well, maybe a it’s a little bit unicorns, if you catch my drift). There can also be a few downsides to going out into the world with no underwear. Here’s a list of pros and cons that you should consider when foregoing the underwear.





1. You'll reduce the amount of laundry you have day-to-day! All those pairs of underwear in a week can add up, when it comes to laundry day. If you enjoy going without them, it’ll be quite beneficial, in the long run.


2. Jeans definitely won't fit as tightly as before. That extra layer of fabric can really get in the way of trying to wear your favorite jeans. You can easily get rid of that problem by just, you know, not having that extra layer.


3. You'd be participating in your own #FreeTheJunk campaign. I mean, not in public, though. That can get you arrested. However, not having underwear on under your jeans means your junk can be a little more free! Less constriction is better for the twig and berries.


4. Your sperm count will definitely improve. Your junk being free from the confines of underwear keeps it at an ideal temperature for sperm production! So if baby-making is in your future, going commando may also be in your future.



1. The zipper of your pants could become your worst nightmare. Depending on the pubic hair situation, and depending on how much patience you have with your zippers, you could be in for a little bit of a painful time. Just be careful!


2. You'll become well aware of how it feels to be chaffing. With no underwear to protect you from the harsh fabrics of jeans, khakis, or whatever you may be wearing, the chaffing problems can get very real, and very irritating. You may have to take some extra precautions if the skin around that area is a little sensitive.


3. You could run the risk of someone finding out that you ain't got no undies on. In our heads, we think going commando is a little secret, but in reality, it’s a secret that could get revealed a little too easily. All it takes is a visible penis outline, or any simple little wardrobe malfunction for the facade to be gone.


4. Your clothes might start smelling a little bit like balls. Let’s be real; it gets a little gross, down there. All that ball sweat rubbing off on your clothes is going to get a little stinky. Be sure it’s extra clean down there, or be sure to only go commando on days where you’re not likely to get as sweaty.



Do you like going commando? Or is it not really your thing? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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