Front and Center!

Front and Center!

I got my first pair of underwear advertising a lifting pouch maybe 10 years ago. It had a ridiculous advertising slogan – “Put your trophy on a shelf!” – but I did like how showy it was, lifting everything and making my goods look and feel front and center. Undies with good pouches that lift things up and provide a good way of showing yourself off have become quite common. And this led me to ask, what makes for a good pouch?

Traditionally men’s underwear had two different front designs, the classic Y-front characteristic of tighty whities and then the slit or barn doors characteristic of boxers. Contrast this to the incredible range in women’s underwear that has been cultivated for centuries. Specifically, I am thinking of bras, because all along women have been taught to show off what they’ve got. I am not too sure when the pouch and ergonomically designed underwear for men hit the scene, but I’ve been glad to see men having the opportunity to show off what we’ve got!

There are a few different types of pouches that are common today. There are pouches made to enhance and put your bulge front and center; then there are pouches that round things out and create a smooth, even contour; padded pouches that work a bit like a padded bra; and there are pouches billed as anatomically correct, to create a natural feel. 

I for one am glad to see this trend in men’s underwear, choices that allow us to show our curves and assets, but also allowing for different kinds of comfort and feeling. There are a few great pouch choices available with Body Aware, and if you haven’t given them – or any pouch underwear – a try I’d urge you to give it a go! I personally take pride in showing off, and can tell you with certainty that the lady in my life loves this too!

One of my favorite Body Aware products is the Invisible Shaper Thong, which provides a great lift along with a prominent and proud bulge. If a thong isn’t your thing, the Cowboy Brief has a great pouch with moderate lift and nice form-fitting shape. I especially love the Shine-on Tanga, which gives a very sleek, snug fit that puts your cock out there front and center. There are a few new products in their line that I haven’t had the chance to try out, including the King Mesh Pouch Brief, and the new Uplift Thong

If you haven’t given yourself the chance to try out any of these kinds of undies, ones that help you put your package out there front and center, I’d urge you to give it a try. They can be super fun and sexy, and there is some indication that these might actually be healthier than typical briefs (by keeping your cock and balls out in front of your body, they stay cooler and dryer). All and all, it seems like a win-win. ;)

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Congratulations, excellent products, sexy & functional. However I of course just love your Models & their exquisite goods. Thank you so much, Philip


The shapers are a great addition to the line up at Body Aware! The way pants are cut now with slim/athletic fit allow for the shapers to enhance the already beautiful make body. The Iridescent Tanga holds my package together and fits nicely in a pair of slim fit khakis.


I love the pouches! They form fit and hold everything in place unlike the women’s panties which sometimes let my beans and frank slip out and require some adjustment time. The Body Aware manties are great! Love the variety and the way they hold me together inspiring confidence while exuding sexuality.


I received my vest and briefs today, they are so dreamy and soft and comfortable and scummy, Will be ordering more vests and different colours, truly amazing

Stuart Smith

Irrespective of size, what man doesn’t want to show off his assets? To the world, not just to other men or women, and above all to himself. So, it’s not (just) a gay thing, it’s a guy thing, to be proud of your manhood. That being the case, Bodyaware have got it right with their range of items highlighting “front and center”. I myself particularly like the Rare Earth thong, which shapes and holds your goods amazingly and highlights them in a soft shiny material (black/navy blue/charcoal/silver), whatever your size, it must be said. Offset with a minimalist thong back, that is actually really comfortable and doesn’t chafe at all. I now wear these 24/7, and not only do they keep me hard, which is a very good thing at my age, but also look fantastic to all those who get to see them! And BA have a great video on the Rare Earth page which shows just what I mean.
Man up guys! Show what you’re made off!


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