How To Wear: Bodysuits

How To Wear: Bodysuits


After running errands a couple weekends ago I came home to find a package from Body Aware in my mailbox.  Inside was a new ribbed, red, bodysuit. I’ve never worn a bodysuit before but figured I would give one a try. It arrived two days after ordering it. This is amazing seeing as Body Aware is located in Arizona and I am on the east coast.

THIS weekend the temperature here in New England was in the single digits.  We had rain that ended up freezing and covering our cars in ice. When I got up in the morning I decided to layer up my clothing because of the frigid weather. Going through my underwear drawer I came upon my new bodysuit. I figured as long as I was layering I may as well start with that. It has a convenient set of snaps in the crotch to allow ease of putting it on and easy to use the restroom. Over the bodysuit went a t-shirt, my jeans and sweatshirt.  I then put on a hat, gloves and my denim trucker jacket before I went outside.

Product: The Ribbed Bodysuit

I headed into the frozen driveway to warm up and clean off my car. The first thing I noticed about my new bodysuit was that it was very form fitting and felt nice and soft against my skin. As I was climbing around my car the t-shirt I was wearing pulled out of my jeans. Because I had my body suit on, my bare skin was not exposed to the cold.  As I was working in the cold I was nice and cozy. I really enjoyed the way the bodysuit felt under my clothes and I was comfortable all day wearing it.

Usually when I go to bed I sleep in a set of pajama pants or leggings and a t-shirt. That night I wore the bodysuit and pajama pants. I really LOVED the way the bodysuit hugged me all day and I had a great night’s sleep wearing it. No bunching up or getting wrapped up in it while sleeping. It’s like a second skin.

Now that I have one bodysuit I plan on ordering a few more. I can see now, how wearing one is not only comfortable but practical. It keeps me warm in the cold. I can wear it with my workout shorts to the gym. It will be great for doing yard work and other things around the house. Plus, it’s super comfortable to sleep in.

Think I’ll head over to the Body Aware's site to see what other types they offer.

If you’ve never worn a bodysuit I HIGHLY recommend giving one a try. I bet one made of Satin would feel AMAZING!

Try and stay warm in this deep freeze and have a great week!


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More bodysuits please…. they’re all sold out!!!!

Adrian Boler

Just a comment! I am just looking for something different. Something that takes charge without worry, gives a bit of support . And provides comfort…I can’t stand the bulk and the binding of regular underwear.Looking for something that is light and supportive with a small degree of warmth . Almost like nothing is underneath.


I own three yogawear bodysuits now. I absolutely love them! They go very well underneath button down shirts, or anything else for that matter. They are warm and very comfortable at the same time. When my size comes available again, I might buy a few more :)


I have the stripes bodysuit from BA. I love the feeling when wearing it. The soft fabric touching my skin everywhere including between my butt cheeks is exhilarating. Like the author I like it as sleepwear. Will be buying more.


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