Does Sexy Men's Underwear Cause Divorce?

Does Sexy Men's Underwear Cause Divorce?

Is there a higher divorce rate for men who wear saucy underwear?

It’s 2023. The year where you can deliver anything to your home with a few taps of a phone, news in the United States can reach Europe in seconds, and gender roles have all but been forgotten.

It’s that last point which brings us on to this post. We’ve agreed that men, women and other can be who they want and do what they wish – and that’s a great thing before anyone gets their knickers in a twist (more of that later…) – but why is it that women can now wear the pants, but men can rarely wear the panties?

Think about it. If a married man is caught with a fishnet thong in his gym bag, the chances are he’ll be looking at a package of divorce papers coming his way. And that package might still come even if he can prove that the lingerie belonged to his own package.

Are we living in times enlightened enough to embrace a satin thong on a man? Or a lacy bodysuit?

We think so – and we’re here to explain how men’s lingerie and saucy underwear can help save a marriage.

Your intimates get even more intimate


The elephant (trunk) in the room (if you’re lucky).

Sex is what keeps a marriage alive. It might not be the only thing, but it is an important thing. And fellas, holes in your underwear are only sexy when they’re intentionally there. Like with a pair of backless, split briefs.

By throwing out baggy briefs and bland boxers, you’re making a commitment to your other half.

You’re promising to put in the effort to keep the fires stoked. You’re promising that, while the years tick by, you’ll still find new ways to keep one another amused, aroused and attracted. You’re promising that there’s still plenty more of yourselves to explore.

A shared secret

Secrets forge relationships. They bond you. So, imagine if the secret you’re sharing is something satin. Something which clings in a way that might just play on both of your minds while you’re stuck at another boring work dinner or a family obligation.

The anticipation of getting home and ripping off those slacks to reveal a pair of Brazilian lace briefs or a satin thong.

And, hell, who says you have to wait to get home. Layers of fun can be added to your unlayering. 

It’s naughty. It’s taboo. It’s something fun for just the two of you.

Let’s get physical

Any body is a Body Aware body. Let’s make that clear. Big, small, tanned, toned, more to love or all-muscle, the only thing you really need is an open mind.

But with that being said, men opting for something a bit saucier might be inspired to focus on looking their best. And that effort won’t go unappreciated from your other half, whether it’s adding a few extra squats to the gym routine for a plumper derriere in your daring tangas or limbering up to feel flexible in your frilly bodysuit.

Include your partner

The only time men’s lingerie might lead to marital woes is if it’s hidden. You’re not breaking a law by swapping tighty whities for thongs, or your basic Hanes for a harness. If it’s something you’re interested in, the chance is your partner will want to share that with you.

One of the biggest reasons couples fall out of love and lust with each other is the suppression of fantasy. The distance grows when neither one of you is getting what you want. What you need.

Shop together. Model your lingerie for your partner. Let them choose something they’d want to see you in.

They say sharing is caring – and so is baring your cupped package or pert buttocks in your saucy underwear.

There we have it. The beautiful irony here, for the pearl clutching conservatives out there, is that we’re defending something traditional by slipping into something altogether untraditional. To protect the sacred institution of marriage, swap those Fruit of the Looms for the thrilling forbidden fruit of naughty male lingerie.

It might just be the best thing you ever did for your marriage, and our prices are much more reasonable than couples counselling…

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Wow! Great to see all the bodyaware wearers! Sad to see the SO s who went to the extremes of ending a relationship over undies. I struggle with showing my wife some of the xdress and bodyaware styles. She knows I m a crossdresser but I respect her need to see me in a certain light (I’m 60 so I’m from a different era) I’ve learned the only way to be truly loved is to be fully seen and then accepted. I think sharing the undies secret does create spice and bonding Stevie


I loved reading these comments. You guys are my tribe! My wife hates it whenever I buy new thongs or jockstraps. I already have quite the collection, but each time I shop I think how surprised she will be to see me in something new. At a certain point, I guess they all started blending together because now she doesn’t notice what I’m wearing is new. Kinda nice actually. Wish she was more involved. Will definitely take that recommendation to involve her in shopping!


My wife left me and told me I was a freak for wearing sexy underwear. It wasn’t manly.


In this new era men should be able to wear what they feel comfortable in. Women do it. Why not us? Can you imagine a guy breaking up/divorcing with a woman because she wears thongs?! Or because she likes those ultra tight tights? Or that sport bra that she flaunts with a abandon anywhere she goes? Or because how her clothes outlines her curves from head to toe? Go men!


My wife has no problem with my thongs at all.


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