Model Interview: Daniel Mccarroll

Model Interview: Daniel Mccarroll

We've just finished a couple of shoots located in the fabulous city of London.


Luck was with us when we had the opportunity to book Daniel McCarroll, the closest that we could find to a Viking god.  We caught up with Daniel at the photoshoot to get a bit more information about our newest BodyAware model.


All About Daniel:

Age: 30

Height: 181cm  

Weight: 83kg 

Eyes: blue 

Shoe size: UK 9 1/2

Zodiac sign: Taurus 

Nationality: New Zealand 

Favorite color: Blue 

Favorite food: BBQ

Favorite drink: Tequila 

Turn-ons: Easy going humour 

Best feature: Eyes 

Favorite TV show: Friends  

Favorite movie: Cool Runnings 

Favorite music genre: Summer beach club house  

Favorite holiday: Anywhere with a beach 

Cats or dogs: dogs 

Besides BodyAware, What is your dream modeling gig?

To do an editorial for a luxury brand or to walk the runway in fashion week.

What interests you most about modeling?

I like the movement, shape and structure of the body and also fashion.


What and/or who inspires you most as a model?

Naomi Campbell and Victoria Secret.

Do you think there is a stigma against men wearing "skimpy" underwear? If so, why do you think the stigma is there?

Not anymore, no!

How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

I’M always prepared!

Do you manscape?   

Yes, I trim.

How many times a week do you workout and what’s your favorite routine?

I workout everyday for work, but I train 5x a week and I love Bradley Simmons.

What is your favorite style of underwear?


What do you like about BodyAware?

The fabrics! 

What’s your favorite pair of BodyAware underwear?

The silky satin briefs. 

What is your idea of a perfect date?

‘’April 25th because its not too hot not too cold, all you need is a light jacket’’ Quote Miss Congeniality 

If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you be stranded with and with what three items?

My best friend, tequila, rum and a drum to make some music 

Moment where you felt the most proud?  

When I graduated from dance school 

Where can we find you on the web?

IG:  @danielmccarrolldmpt 

Twitter:  @MccarrollDaniel 


Let us know what you think of Daniel!  Would you like to see more of him at future shoots?

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Nice model and nu hair.


Wow! Very sexy guy, Luv to see more of him for Shure.


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