Confessions of an Underwear Model: Stephen Land

Confessions of an Underwear Model: Stephen Land


It's incredibly inspiring to us at BodyAware when we work with people who are talented, humble, and know how to make a photo shoot the most fun it could ever be. We had the pleasure of shooting with Stephen Land, a gogo dancer, model, writer, and entertainer from New York City, who knows how to work his body and be the shining star in a photo. We got him to do an interview for us, and you're going to love his responses. (I'm still laughing about his response to the deserted island one.)



Age: 27

Height: 5'9.5" (yes the 0.5 matters) 

Weight: 195 LBS

Eyes: Hazel

Shoe size: 11.5 😜

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Nationality: Spanish & Hillbilly mix

Favorite color: Orange

Favorite food:  Mexican Food

Favorite drink: Water with Lemon

Woman crush: What are those?

Man crush: Too many to count, but Alex Minsky takes the cake 🎂

Turn-ons: Being honest and genuine with a good personality is the most important, looks are secondary. However tattoos, a lean cut body, pretty eyes, and nice lips 

Best feature: I say my smile. Others may say my 🍑

Favorite TV show: Family Guy never fails, for me

Favorite movie: October Sky

Favorite book: I'm a bit partial to the book I wrote called The Race. It is exclusively available on Amazon and the Kindle store. (Shameless plug) 🌈

Favorite music genre: Brazilian House 

Favorite motto: "Anything and everything in life can be changed if you have have the heart and mind to change it."

Favorite holiday: Independence Day (4th of July)

Cats or dogs: Dogs



How did you first get into modeling?

A photographer approved of me in the gym, and asked if he could shoot me. I was about to yell, "everyone run! He has a gun," until he caught himself and said he was a photographer, and that thought I would make beautiful art. 


Besides GoGo Dancing and modeling, do you have any other gigs, at the moment?

I am also an author working on my first novel series. I also sing, and host/promote parties in NYC gay Nightlife. 


Besides BodyAware, What is your dream modeling gig?

My dream modelling gig would be for Calvin Klein. I could be the next Markie Mark... right?


What interests you most about modeling?

I love how modeling can, with no words at all, tell a story. 


What and/or who inspires you most as a model?

I get a lot of my inspiration from everyday life, random people, or things I see every day. For me inspiration, is constantly changing. 


Do you think there is a stigma against men wearing "skimpy" underwear? If so, why do you think the stigma is there?

There is a stigma, for sure! A lot of people assume a lot of things about me because I model in underwear, and even sometimes model naked. I think the stigma exist only because there is this world view of what a man should be, and how he should dress. 


How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

Gym, touch up shaving and trimming, shower, light meal, and a Brazilian House playlist. 


Do you manscape?

Trimming but no longer do any full shaving. 😜


How many times a week do you workout and what’s your favorite routine?

4-6 times a week. I don't have a favorite routine. I try to never do the same exact work out every time I go to the gym. I always switch it up to keep the gym fun. 


What is your favorite style of underwear?

For every day undies, I love a basic brief.

To dance in, thongs get it done right. 


What do you like about BodyAware?

BodyAware undies are made for fun, style, and to make a statement. They are great because they allow people to be themselves without being forced to fit the social norm (bye Haynes).


What’s your favorite pair of BodyAware underwear?

That pink front zip show stopper bodysuit is everything! 


What is your idea of a perfect date?

A home cooked meal, a movie cuddled on the couch, and a bottle of Malbec. 


If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you be stranded with and with what three items?

I would be stranded with Jesus because he can walk on water, and he can give me a piggyback ride to get off of that island real quick. He can also turn the water into wine when I get thirsty, so I'm all set there. So, all I would need is a large jar of Peter Pan peanut butter, a loaf of bread, and my iPhone so I can post the whole journey on my Insta story. 


Your most embarrassing moment?

I once was dancing so hard to a song that I fell through the box. Yeah, most people fall off, but I went right through it. 


Moment where you felt the most proud?

The day I released my novel, The Race.


Where can we find you on social media?

Facebook @GoGoStephenNY

Facebook @StephenLandTheRace

Instagram @GoGoStephenNYC1

Twitter @GoGoStephenNYC

Tumblr @GoGoStephenNYC1


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I agree with so much; especially about stigma. Society is so judgmental. And I agree about favourite drink – if by sticking to lemon flavoured water I could become a model, that would be my dream. All those gorgeous panties to wear, and be paid for it!


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