Confessions Of An Underwear Model: Antonio Martinez

Confessions Of An Underwear Model: Antonio Martinez

We had the amazing opportunity to work with a very talented aerialist, dancer, and model, Antonio Martinez straight out of LA! Antonio has a resume ranging from working with Dancing with the Stars to commercial appearances on World of Dance, and Old Navy and shows such as America's Got TalentNew GirlSpeechless, and Jane The VirginAntonio has been a long time fan of our underwear and contacted us about collaborating and getting to wear some of our sportswear and underwear while showing off his aerial skills. We couldn't pass this up and found the perfect parkour gym in Scottsdale, Arizona that happened to have some amazing graffiti work as our backdrop. It was spectacular getting to watch him climb and spin through the air in beautiful and skillful poses while rocking our Body Aware gear! We can all say that he is truly a professional and a pleasure to work with.



Age: 28

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 160

Eyes: Naturally dark brown but I wear grey prescription contacts daily.

Shoe size: 8

Zodiac sign: Leo

Nationality: Mexican American

Favorite color: Turquoise 

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite drink: Red Wine

Turn-ons: People that wear sexy underwear!

Best feature: My smile.

Favorite TV show: So You Think You Can Dance

Favorite movie: The Greatest Showman

Favorite book: The Notebook

Favorite music genre: Latin

Favorite motto: Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.

Favorite holiday: Holloween

Emoji that best describes you: The Fire Emoji

Cats or dogs: Dogs because I am more like a cat.


How did you first get into modeling?  Through dance… I was getting body and head shots taken and did some creative dance shots in short athletic shorts and was inspired to continue… the shorts definitely got shorter and shorter as I love to show off!  I then started shooting nudes and now shoot all styles ranging from commercial modeling to erotic.



Is modeling your main gig at the moment, or do you have any other endeavors that you’re going for?  I am definitely a renaissance man in that I have 2 college degrees and am a professional dancer, model, aerialist, and circus coordinator.  All of these passions have and continue to pay me really well!



Besides Body Aware, What is your dream modeling gig?  Aside from Body Aware, I would actually love to book a Crest Tooth Paste commercial.  It has been a long time goal of mine!



What interests you most about modeling?  I love celebrating the entire male form.  I think men’s bodies are strong, sexy, and beautiful. I work very hard to maintain my physique and love to show it off any chance I get!


What and/or who inspires you most as a model?  I am inspired greatly by Hayden Monteleone.  He has an amazing energy, body, face, and seems very sweet!


Do you think there is a stigma against men wearing "skimpy" underwear? If so, why do you think the stigma is there?

There is definitely a stigma against men wearing skimpy / sexy underwear.  In North America, men have been taught socially that sexy underwear are for women only because historically it has held on to it’s chauvinistic stance.  If you notice, European men’s fashion has always been more progressive in their sensual men’s wear.  North American men’s underwear fashion has especially seen great progression in sensual underwear in the past 20 years thanks to companies like Body Aware Underwear!


How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

I’m always “camera ready” because of my healthy eating habits and constant training for aerial arts and dance jobs.  If I am aware of a photo shoot coming up though, I will lift just a little bit heavier and also kick up my cardio to get a little bit more definition.

On the day of the shoot, I hit the gym very hard to bring lots of blood to all major muscle groups.  If there is any down time during the shoot, I will perform pushups and squats to maintain blood flow.  I use body oils and a cock ring to accentuate roundness in all the right places ;-) 


Do you manscape?   I am naturally quite smooth and so don’t really have to!  I keep my arm pit hair very short or clean shaven.  I do trim my pubic area / happy trail to look quite natural and probably on the bushy side because most photographers, underwear, and adult themed websites find it sexy but I always have clippers / trimmers on hand at every shoot to make sure the client on each particular job is happy.  It’s always easier to cut hair last minute than to have it too short for a particular shoot ;-)



How many times a week do you workout and what’s your favorite routine?  I work out every day and do completely different work outs / training exercise all the time.  Its called muscle confusion and it is the best thing for me for muscle growth and staying lean.  I train aerial arts a lot as well and so me lifting my own body weight is great for being photo shoot ready all the time.  I also do a lot of partner dancing so lifting women and men in creative ways is always great for the body.



What is your favorite style of underwear?  Oh this is a tough one because I love all styes and all make me feel sexy and powerful in different ways depending on my mood.  But if I was forced to decide I would say a pair that would celebrate / accentuate both my bulge and booty!  So then a sexy jock strap with a large pouch to make room for my business would definitely work =)



What do you like about BodyAware?  I love all of the versatility in design and fabrics that BodyAware has to offer!  I am a man of many sensual moods so each piece offers many different “Shades Of Grey” you could say!  Every pant, tank, and underwear is unique and super comfortable while offering tons of sex appeal.



What’s your favorite pair of BodyAware underwear?  I am currently in love with my mesh white pair.  It has a full back with a large pouch for bulge and gives me a natural looking lift in the front and back side.



What is your idea of a perfect date?  I love conversation and red wine! So anywhere creative where we could enjoy those two things together would be ideal.  I am a great listener and love connecting to creative and passionate people!


If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you be stranded with and with what three items?  Definitely a tough one… I would be deserted with Ellen because she is hilarious and have my phone, aerial rope, and my favorite pair of BodyAware underwear =)


Moment where you felt the most proud?  I felt the most proud when I graduated college!  6 years and 2 degrees later from Oklahoma City University, I felt ready to take on the world!


Where can we find you on the web?

IG: @AntonioMartinezLA (I def use the most)

Twitter: @AntonioAerial

FB: Antonio Martinez Entertainer


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