Bodysuits as Sleepwear

Bodysuits as Sleepwear
What do you wear to bed? We're not talking about having some sexy fun. We're talking about actual clothes you sleep in. 

Personally I prefer to sleep naked. But living in New England there's no way you can sleep naked in the winter time. It's just to cold. I've got a lot of different items to sleep in but there are drawbacks to a some of them. 

I would say one of the staples of every person's wardrobe is the T-shirt. I have dozens that express my interests in all things 80's and nerdy. They are comfortable day wear, but what about sleeping in them? They can be comfortable but they can also be a literal pain in the neck. They bunch up. They get twisted as you roll over and they get stretched out. I personally hate waking up feeling like I'm in a straight jacket. I've given up on sleeping in a T-shirt.

To cover my lower half I have tried a few things, like pajamas and lounge pants. I don't like these either. The fleece pants are always static ridden and once they are washed a few times they lose their softness. Regular cotton bottoms tend to ride up making it seem like I'm wearing shorts. This totally defeats the purpose of wearing pants. And both tend to bunch up and get twisted. Very uncomfortable.

So what are some alternatives to staying warm and comfortable in bed? If you read my last blog you know that I recently got my first bodysuit. It's extremely comfortable, form fitting and is like wearing a second skin. I love sleeping in mine and have ordered a few more. I love the Essential Ribbed Bodysuit and am ordering the Soft-All-In-One this week.

I also like wearing tank tops. Again no sleeves to bunch up and they are usually form fitting. They make for an extremely comfortable night's sleep.May I recommend the Essential Rib Racer-Back or the Essential Ribbed Tank? I love the material these are made of. They are so soft and comfortable.

I've spoken about leggings in my past blogs. I love sleeping in them. They stay put as you move around and keep me nice and warm. I like the Satin Gameday Leggings. These are really slippery and feel great under the sheets. Again like a second skin.

So, if you're tired of getting all wrapped up in your night clothes try a couple of my suggestions. I know I will never go back to t-shirts and pajamas. 

Have a great week and pleasant dreams!!


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I have been wearing t-shirt style full brief bottom men’s bodysuit underwear for 25 years. Never wear any other underwear than bodysuits. Always wore t-shirts and briefs. Like it that there is no waist band and t-shirt always stays tucked in.


Thanks for your tips. Definitely will try.
As ackward as it may seem, for years now I’ve slept with long cotton skirts. It does all you mention and more, once legs are free and warm.


I have several of your bodysuits and I never thought to wear to bed but i will now. It will solve the problem of getting too hot then too cold.


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