BodyAware's 20-Year Web Anniversary!

BodyAware's 20-Year Web Anniversary!

So get this: Bodyaware has been on the web for a whole 20 years, now. Can you even believe it? It’s crazy! We’ve been up and running as a company for almost 30 years now, and have had a website for about 20 of those years. Here's a little known fact: we were actually the first men’s underwear company to feature ourselves on the world wide web! We were crossing boundaries from the very start, and believe me, we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.


For this momentous occasion, we figured we’d take you back in time by showing you how our site has transformed over the years! Since the internet goes through changes, it only makes sense that we adapt to the times. Through all this adaptation though, we’ve definitely managed to keep our spunky attitude that keeps our customers coming back.


20 years ago




Ah, yes. Making a splash into the internet with that beautiful humor, already. Not only that, but we also liked having an air of mystery to the products you would see!


It’s crazy to see just how simple websites used to be! All you really needed twenty years ago was a little blurb about your company, and some way to contact you. Online shopping wasn’t quite on the rise yet, so something along these lines was really all you needed. But hey, I’d say that ours stood out among all the other websites out there, for sure.


10 years ago



Ten years later, our site looked completely different! Our fun personality is still there, especially with BOOTY in giant letters, as well as our clever way of censoring the model’s goods with the word “blush.” However, compared to the site ten years prior, we’ve had quite the makeover. Our site actually looks more like a shop now, with featured products and helpful links to assist you while you browse! We were definitely movin’ on up in the world of online shipping.


Let’s also take a moment to appreciate the guy in the one-piece outfit up by the home button. He’s the real MVP.


Look at us now!



The newest, sharpest, sleekest, every-good-adjective-you-could-think-of BodyAware!


Nowadays, websites are all about looking sleek, having the most eye-catching imagery, and flowing in a way that’s easy to the eye. I think we achieve all of that with our current website, for sure! We have that beautiful picture of Michael Dale on a horse with a Rip-Stop Tanga Brief, nice and organized tabs to feature all that we sell, and and our blog/social media tabs to give easy access to seeing what’s going on with the company! And of course, it’s only going to get more beautiful from here.


What do you think of how BodyAware has transformed over the years? What do you think our website will look like in the next ten or twenty years? Leave us a comment! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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