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Body Amazing

Hello Body Aware Readers-

I hope this blog finds you safe an healthy! I was looking through the Body Aware website the other day and found myself drawn to certain attributes that the models possessed in their modeling of Body Aware apparel.  These attributes are muscle mostly but it goes a little deeper than that for me.  I think it is the definition or the “cut” of a body part that stands out. And although men possess very fine attributes, women possess even more.

So it got me to thinking about what we are drawn to when looking at the human body: male or female.  Where do our eyes go first?  What are we drawn to?  What do you like about your body? Is it the same attribute you look for in others?  What Body Aware items accentuate your attributes? What clothing helps define or improve these attributes for you?  For me, it is many and I have provided a few below that I love and look for in others.  I look at the human body as one of life’s perfect art forms. 

Let’s start with the Chest:  For men, the chest should be muscular and manscaped. No hair getting in the way.  I like to see a defined clavicle and a Body Aware Satin or Mesh Tank to go over it.  For females lets just say any chest is amazing. I prefer smaller breast and a defined clavicle with just a hint of cleavage.  The straps of the bra if one is worn should have a small gap between the clavicle and shoulder blade. A nice lace or satin bra or bikini top or sports bra catches my eye. Plus a toned and slightly tanned body.  

Moving south, lets go to the rear, the Butt to be specific: I like Tangas! The fit and feel is very sexy. The Body Aware Iridescent Tanga is a good fit and accentuates the butt very nicely!  Of course, Body Aware offers many tangas and all have a similar shaping of the bum which makes you feel confident and highlights this attribute perfectly.  The Rip Stop Brief is another amazing product  that “hugs” your buns a little tighter with the seam running down the middle.  As for women, I also prefer the look of tangas as they ride up their hips so well and shape up their butts nicely. However, I am also open to a nice hipster or cheeky style in either lace or satin. If it's got to be cotton, I like to see a cute print on their panties.

Go east from there and you come to the Package:  Body Aware keeps this area in mind for us boys when designing their products and they always hold true to fit and function. Accentuating this attribute with every product design.  Seldom is there slippage out of the fitted pouch on any of their underwear, especially the Glossy Satin Briefs which I highly recommend.  

Head slightly north to the Abs: Not much offering to showcase the abs except the mesh tops on Body Aware but nothing is sexier than abs.  So much so that you shouldn’t want to cover them up since it takes sooo much work to get them defined and keep them that way!  Body Aware's See Thru Swim Brief or Camo Swim Brief surely is something that can help you accentuate this attribute. As for women, same thing: Show them off! And for women, it is much easier! Bikinis, crop tops, sports bras and so many other choices!

To conclude this blog, of course, there is so much more to a person than their looks. Their personality plays a huge part! It's another attribute we seek so I do not want this to sound like a superficial blog. And the personality creates a deeper connection for building a relationship. Physical attributes may just be the initial spark for getting to know someone. So please know that I am not trying to downplay the emotional attributes we seek for relationships.  However, the physical ones are so much easier to discuss for our preferences. So, be Body Aware and let me know what attributes of the body you like!

Stay safe! Stay Aware (Body Aware!)


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You are right, we are drawn by looks but its the person we fall in love with. Outward, I love the smile and eyes first as I think they tell a lot about a person. Then is the butt and waist. Inside, its the personality and sense of humor for sure. The ability to laugh at situations and make light of it are important traits. Kindness to others is also important. I have stopped dating people because of the way they have spoken to a waiter/waitress/bartender. Thanks for the blog!


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