Be Proud. Be You.

Be Proud. Be You.

With each passing year, our society has become more and more advanced in its understanding of gender and individuality. There is an astounding number of men that have begun to prefer sleeker and bolder styles that were once considered to be inappropriate for their gender. This was simply just a form of sexism, dictating that men should always dress in the same boring, monotonous clothing that society deemed as "normal". However, what's normal to the fly, is chaos to the spider. In the 70's and 80's, men wore short shorts without a care in the world, as everyone wore them. A  decade or two later, shorts edged longer and baggier and that became the norm, and short shorts were no longer generally accepted.  Now attitudes are changing yet again, and there is a lot more freedom in under and outerwear styles and colours available to men.  

Websites like BodyAware are growing in popularity because of their unique, sexy styles that men of all types can wear with confidence. Whether it is for the softer fabrics, prettier colours, sexier styles, or any number of other reasons, it's a harmless choice that an individual should be able to make without others' judgement. Many men are learning this, and coming out of their comfort zone to wear such clothing, because freedom of choice has never been a more popular topic. What we choose to wear is our own prerogative as human beings, and it has no effect on who we are as men or what we identify as.

June is a month that reminds us that individuals like us exist, and only continue to multiply with each rotation of the sun. In fact, we have existed for as long as humans have walked the Earth, and humanity simply continues to evolve in its concepts of coexistence and tolerance. What an ignorant society once deemed as gender roles, is now an obsolete concept that is no longer applicable. Women can change tires, men can do the laundry. Women can wear jeans, men can wear short shorts. It's absolutely astonishing to me, a 24 year old, that such ridiculous concepts were ever truly a part of our world. The same can be said for the expectations about how each gender can present themselves.

The first true step we have taken towards progress just began in recent years, with the rise of Pride Month and those that are of a different lifestyle to no longer be viewed as anything less than just another human living the one life they have on this Earth to the fullest. To be your truest self is how we must always live, for living any other way would be to live by others' rules and fear of their rejection. What we must realize is to be accepted in this world, we must believe in ourselves and who we truly are. To be confident in your non-conformity is the fastest way to influence others' acceptance of you.

I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this wonderful time of transition in our society, as it's been far too long that men have feared wearing sexy clothing because they thought they would be judged and ridiculed. But there is a new concept being taught now, that women and men are able to dress in androgynous fashion without any correlation between their identities and gender roles. Androgynous, to those who are unfamiliar, is a word used to describe an appearance that shares both masculine and feminine traits. Whether it be a satin thong, or a soft and silky bodysuit, these are clothing items both genders are now able to wear without them being classified as feminine or masculine exclusively. They are simply just sexy styles.

Wearing these types of clothes is no longer taboo for the people close in my life after their exposure to me, and that is a feeling I hope we can all experience. Sometimes all it takes is to be exposed to a person with a different lifestyle and way of thinking to influence acceptance of those who might be reluctant. After all, we deserve the same respect and love from others as anyone else does. As an added bonus, when you wear such bold styles and do so with pride and confidence, it becomes a very admirable and courageous move that others pick up on. The way you carry yourself makes all the difference.

As a personal example, I once received severe and harsh ridicule from my in-laws for my choice of dress. The revelation of my fashion choices was one that caused doubt in my ability as a man to be the perfect son for their daughter, for they feared I was not "what a woman usually wants". Now, it's a year and a half later. The people that once judged me for my appearance alone, have come to accept me and understand it's nothing more than a style choice. I am still fully capable of satisfying a woman's needs, even while wearing a satin thong underneath my outerwear. If you believe in yourself, others will come to as well. Never fear being yourself, and don't ever let anyone condition you to.

That's all for my thoughts this time, but what are yours? Comment below!



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I first came across this style of underwear by mistake and was quite intrigued so browsed the website , wow , beautiful colours , shiny , quite feminine , made my heart race looking at them so ordered a pair . Having spent 30 years in the military and being quite masculine , it was quite sexy to wear under my uniform at work , knowing no one knew what was under my gear . After ordering half a dozen different pairs over time , I love them even more , they make me feel sexy , feminine, and most of all make me question my sexuality , which is so exciting after all these years , which I never would of done had I not discovered them .

Scott . Oct 22


Is the Greek God brief discontinued? Say it ain’t so! That was my favorite Bodyaware item. Please Bodyaware bring back the fabulous Greek God brief! There are so many of us who wish for it to be back.


It’s so wonderful to read these words that I could almost have written myself. I’ve been frustrated for over a decade about how men aren’t “allowed” to have fun with clothes and that outlets only stock boring, drab, baggy stuff. I thought I didn’t care about clothes – and I think I was just uninspired! I’ve often envied women for the choice they have and how they are “allowed” to show off a bit (& I know this can be a burden as well as fun). Now I’m past caring & enjoying finding my own style, but still frustrated by what’s available.


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