BA Bloggers Naughty or Nice Christmas Lists

BA Bloggers Naughty or Nice Christmas Lists

The holidays are fast approaching and I think this is an excellent time to share some of Body Aware's newest products that we can all add to our Christmas lists. There is something for everyone and what makes it an even better gift is one from a special someone in your life. While I am going to focus on some specific products that Body Aware offers I want you to remember to share your own wish list with your significant others. I bet they will love having those suggestions and you will be surprised how many will actually purchase something (It's a win win situation for everyone!).


So where should we begin? Let's break them down into two categories to make this a little fun. The 'Naughty' (ohhh ya) and the 'Nice List'. Let's start with the 'Nice List' shall we?

Before we get to the lists though I want to clarify that even though the following products are listed on the 'Nice List' they still can be put to some naughty uses and the things on the 'Naughty List' can be oh so nice. 


Glistening Satin Pouch Brief

Stylish with its beautiful pouch that holds everything in place just like Santa’s sack. Your significant other will love to see what present awaits them when you’re wearing these. Pick your favorite color or why not let him or her pick.



The Ninja Mesh Brief

With embroidered Chinese symbols these sultry briefs will have you as the ninja of love this holiday season. You will want to be detected in these. These are also available in a sexy brief.



Glistening Satin Track Short

After stuffing yourself with turkey this year how about putting on a pair of these and hitting the gym to help keep your sexy body in shape. With the glistening satin you can be sure they will rub you in such a nice way. If you don’t believe me then try them for yourself. Also great to lounge around the house in with a nice Soft Rayon Tank.



Now let’s get to the 'Naughty List' (my favorite of course).


Glow In The Dark Tanga *Coming soon to UK*

Turn out the Christmas lights and create your own special glow for your loved one. It’s a perfect gift that your partner will want to unwrap and with its amazing cut both front and back it will leave them seeing stars. A special pair of underwear for housing your special present in, but if the Tanga isn’t to your liking then try it in a thong or boxer.



Peep Show Satin Brief

Every year over the holidays who doesn’t try to sneak a peek at their presents and now with the Peep Show Satin Brief your loved one can. Made from a beautiful mirror satin they feel spectacular and really help to get you in the holiday spirit. I know these are going on my list.



The Glistening Satin G-String

Feel spectacular on Christmas morning wearing these with the beautiful shiny satin against your skin. With the unique pouch to accentuate your twig and berries your partner will be trying to drag you under the mistletoe all day.



Now these are just some of my fun picks for the holiday season. What ones will you be asking Santa for this year? I would love to hear. Will it be a Luxuria Satin Short, a V-Neck Mesh Bodysuit, a Peppermint Frill Brief, or a Color-Pop Lace Brief (added it to my wish list already)?


Have you been naughty or nice this year? Either way Body Aware has us covered with some fabulous choices for men’s underwear.


So until next time my friends make those wish lists and share them with your love!


BA Blogger

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